Fandom Chronicle: 2005

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The history of the Supernatural fandom on Livejournal See also:



  • 07.01: The LJ community supernatural_tv is created.
  • 07.16: The first entry to supernatural_tv is posted.
  • at some point in July, the SPN pilot is available on the WB website.


  • 09.11: The fan fiction community supernaturalfic (catering to gen, het + slash fans) is created.
  • 09.13: The SPN Pilot airs on the WB.
  • 09.14: Within hours of the Pilot airing the first Sam/Dean fic is posted as the first fic at supernatural_fic and sn_slash by janedavitt.
  • 09.28: supernatural_tv counts 200+ members.
  • - By the end of the month, several communities on all possible topics already exist, among them communities and fansites for Italian and French fans.


  • 10.17: First outburst of "The Female Threat": Fans go nuts over casting spoilers/rumors for a female principle lead called "Lindsay".
  • 10.25 Fic Community Wincest opens.


  • 11.03: Supernatural added to TWOP
  • 11.13: The SPN Newsletter posts the first link to a Jsquared fic, stoneprincess's postalleysnoggingbackatmyplacefic here. Two days later super_real is created.
  • 11.27-11.29: The first SPN Genderswap stories are posted to the net. See a list here.
  • - By the end of the month, supernatural_tv has over 500 members, and a new mod, monticora helps out stormbox.


  • SPN fandom learns its first lessons on the path to being a fandom and not just individuals sharing the same interests. In the month of December, a few minor kerfuffles between fandom veterans and newbies, incest lovers and squicked Wincest-haters, lead to discussion about fandom unity and possible diaspora. [see e.g. stone-princess' post here (f-locked)]. The fandom split-up everybody expected to happen didn't happen - (events of May 2007's the BIG LJ Strikethrough 2007 show that SPN fandom knows how to stick together).

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