Ezra Moore

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Name Ezra Moore
Actor Linda Darlow
Location Canton, Ohio
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 7.12 Time After Time

So, spill already. What bucket of syrup did you two idjits step into?

– Ezra Moore, 7.12 Time After Time After Time


Ezra Moore is a hunter who assists Eliot Ness with lore, research and fine suits.


Ezra plants a good luck kiss on Dean.

7.12 Time After Time

Eliot Ness takes Dean to Ezra, after questioning him, in order to get a change of clothes and not look like a "bindlestiff." Afterwards, she begins searching for a way for the hunters to kill Chronos, the god of time who's behind all of the suspicious murders. She discovers a thousand-year-old stake dipped in blood that's capable of doing the job and gives it to Dean, in addition to giving him a kiss for good luck.

Thanks to Ezra's efforts, once Sam manages to pull Chronos and Dean back to 2012, Chronos is killed.