Evan Hudson

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Evan Hudson.png
Name Evan Hudson
Actor Vincent Gale
Location Greenwood, Mississippi
Episode(s) 2.08 Crossroad Blues

No, he's right. I made the deal. Nobody twisted my arm. Julie was dying... so yeah, I made the deal and I'd do it again. I'd have died for her on the spot.

– Evan Hudson, 2.08 Crossroad Blues


Evan Hudson was one of the four people that had made a deal with a crossroads demon at Lloyd's Bar on November 1996. He had originally made his deal to save his wife, Julie Hudson, who was dying of cancer. Evan cares for his wife greatly, sacrificing his soul for her health and well-being.


2.08 Crossroad Blues

When his ten years were up, he sent his wife to visit her sister and prepared to die alone. Sam and Dean arrive as Evan is waiting for death and they convince Evan to let them help him. Sam stays in Evan's home to defend Evan with Goofer Dust, while Dean goes to make a deal with the crossroads demon that originally made all of the deals at Lloyd's Bar. Dean traps the demon in a devil's trap and convinces her to release Evan's soul from the contract in return for Dean releasing her and not exorcising her.