Some of Us Really Do Watch for the Plot

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Some of us really do watch for the plot

Some of us really do watch for the plot: a collection of Supernatural essays
edited by Jules Wilkinson and Andie Masino

This is eclectic collection is the first, official or unofficial, to explore the characters and world of Supernatural.

Sam and Dean’s psychology, emotional lives and even fashion sense are analyzed, the dynamics of the Winchester family explored and the reasons why there is not more fraternal hugging is seriously considered. We get insights into supporting characters such as Bobby and Jo and, of course, the beloved Impala.

The mythos of the show — from the Hero’s path to the genetics of demons — is examined, while other writers take an overview of themes in Supernatural such as free will and faith.

The writers bring a variety of opinions and philosophies to their critiques of Supernatural. You will agree enthusiastically with some, while others will have you hurling this book across the room! Many will have you rushing to re-watch episodes with newfound insight.

This book is a testament to Supernatural and everyone who works to create and produce the series. We love taking this trip through truck stop American for the scares and the thrills, the rockin’ music and the urban legends, and of course the hot Winchester boys and their bitchin’ ride. And some of us really do watch for the plot!

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I had a crappy guidance counselor: Sam in “Asylum” by Hannah McLean
Carry On, My Wayward Son: Sam in “Salvation” by Sue Ashworth
He’s Clearly John’s Favorite: Sam and the Demon in “Devil’s Trap”by Ashley M. Barnett
Carry On, My Wayward Son: Sam through the First Season by Ignipes
The enemy within: Sam in “Croatoan”. by Jules Wilkinson
The Possibilities of Sam Winchester: Of Nephilim and the Role of Azazel by Monique Brathwaite

If you love someone, set them free: Dean in “Shadow” by Marina Frants
If That’s What it Takes: Dean in “Dead Man’s Blood” by Jennifer Saldana
Good Dean Hunting: A Season One Overview of Dean Winchester by Astrid Porschel
Holding Out For A Hero: Dean in “Night Shifter” by Cathy McQuillin
Come Tumbling Down: Dean in “Heart” by Cathy McQuillin
Combat Commander or Why Dean Has More Kills by Iris Sniper

The Vanishing Act, in Reverse: John in “Shadow” by Phantomas
The Beginning of the End of John's Journey: John in “Devil’s Trap” by Phantomas
There, But for the Grace of My Sons, Go I: John in “Bloodlust” by Dodger Winslow
John Winchester: Writer by Krista Braton
John Winchester and Roman Values by Vanzetti

Gettin’ To Be Brothers Again: Sam and Dean in “Dead in the Water” by Destina Fortunato
Character Motivation in Season One: It’s All About the Sam, the Dean, the Dad, the Demon by Dodger Winslow
A Common Enemy, Blood Ties, Friendship – What Makes a Family by Andie Masino
“Heart” and the tear that spoke volumes by Ash
Being Touched by Mary F. Dominiak
Sam, Dean, and Emotional Intimacy by Destina Fortunato
Why the Winchester brothers don't hug (and why this is a good thing): a comparative study of the Winchesters, the Petrellis and the Boroughs-Scoffields by Grace Lister

Impala Meta – Season One by Andie Masino
Hunter and hunted: Jo in “Born Under A Bad Sign” by Jules Wilkinson
You can't choose your family: Bobby in “Born Under A Bad Sign” by A. Stahl
A Rose By Any Other Name: Meg in “Born Under A Bad Sign” byBlackcat333_99
Of black and white, shades of gray, nature vs. nurture, angels, knights, spikes, and siblings: “Bloodlust” by Dotfic
The Long Arm of the Law - the threat of law enforcement on Supernatural by Silver_spotted

The Family Business: Saving People, Hunting Things by Amanda Plavko
Free will is doing whatever the fuck we want: the Winchesters and eschatology by Technosage
Good, Evil, and the Problem of Pain by Mary F. Dominiak
“Houses of the Holy”: Modern Media Exegesis. By Emma Moniz-Rivera
"Less Campy": Supernatural's attempted reassertion of a pre-Buffy status quo by Mary Borsellino
Chasing Rabbits: Examining the use of White Rabbit in the teaser for “Hunted”. by Gigglingkat
Supernatural vs. Fairy Tales by Heather Richards
Sideways and Super Troopers: The humor of Sam and Dean Winchester in “Hell House” by Charlee M

Parallelism in Supernatural by Susan
Supernatural: Season One Hunt Initiation Log by Dotfic
The Laundry List: Season One byClex_monkie89