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Name Eremiel
Actor Monroe McKenzie
Dates Before humanity
Location Heaven
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 14.19 Jack in the Box


Eremiel is one of the few angels left after the Fall. When Dumah takes control of Heaven, he is assigned to act as a guard to the portal at the playground.


14.19 Jack in the Box

After learning what Jack Kline has been up to, Castiel returns to the playground where he demands that Eremiel allow him into Heaven. Eremiel refuses as Heaven is now closed to Castiel. When Castiel insists, Eremiel draws an angel blade to face-off with him.

Shortly afterwards, Eremiel enters Heaven's Throne Room to Dumah's annoyance. Castiel reveals himself from behind Eremiel, having defeated the other angel in their fight. Castiel throws Eremiel across the throne room and confronts Dumah over her actions with Jack. When Dumah leads Castiel into the hall, Eremiel follows them, but Dumah signals him to go when Castiel begins confronting Dumah about using Jack to solidify her own power.

Eremiel in Lore

Jerahmeel (also known as Eremiel, Remiel, Remihel) is an archangel. In the pre-Christian era, Jerahmeel presided over Sheol and had the duty to placate the righteous souls who awaited the Lord. In the post-Christian era, Jarahmeel became the gatekeeper of Heaven, and much like the pre-Christian version helped guide the souls on their Heavenly journey.