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Emu Supernatural RP (@EmuMobBunker) is a Supernatural role play group commonly referred to as “the Emus.” Group members and their followers use #EmuFamily to refer to themselves.


In November 2017, the Twitter account @jacklovesnougat was created and began tweeting as Jack Kline. References were made to Sam and Dean, but there were no other accounts for Jack to speak to. Instead, he spoke to other fans of Supernatural and made comments about his life in the bunker, and out in the world after the episode “Tombstone” aired and the character disappeared.

Over the month of January 2018, more characters began to appear, including a Claire Novak account and a Sam Winchester account (@SamSoGetThis), and form a very loose group. On February 2, 2018 the characters decided to formalize the arrangement, creating guidelines for interactions amongst themselves, and with their followers.

The “Emu Mob” name was adopted in reference to “Jack” and his tendency to turn people into emus when angry or scared, a habit which formed while he was trapped in Apocalypse World (or “Apocablanca” as he called it) for several months, and the character was not shown onscreen for multiple episodes. Over time, followers of the group, as well as the characters themselves, started to refer to themselves as #EmuFamily.


The group prefers to adhere to show canon whenever reasonably possible. However, rather than restricting themselves to exactly what happens on the show (which would often mean long periods of silence, losing characters entirely due to show deaths, etc.) the group has developed “Emu Canon.” This allows them some flexibility to communicate with (presumed) deceased characters who are now “in an AU”, to interact between episodes when the show picks up right where it left off, and to have occasional fun events allowing all of the Emu Family characters to interact “in person” despite many never having met on the show.

In addition, the group does not interact with OCs (“original characters”) or characters from other shows. Followers are told that the Emu universe is different from their universe, and as such the Emu Mob can connect to Twitter through “Nephilim Wifi” and can only interact with followers in that way.

Full guidelines developed by the group for themselves, and for their followers can be found on the @EmuMobBunker Twitter feed, and on the group website.


Current Character Listing:

Group Account: @EmuMobBunker

Emu website

In March 2019, a RedBubble store was opened featuring various #EmuFamily designs. All proceeds will be donated to To Write Love on Her Arms.