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Name Emma
Actor Alexia Fast
Madison Bell (5-Year-Old Emma)
Dates 2012 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Occupation Amazon
Episode(s) 7.13 The Slice Girls


Emma is an Amazon, and the daughter of Lydia and Dean.


7.13 The Slice Girls

While investigating, Dean takes time out at the Cobalt Room, where he meets Lydia, and they end up back at her place and have sex. When Dean returns the next day to retrieve his hip flask, he finds that Lydia has a baby called Emma, who he thinks he hears speaking like an adult. Dean stakes out Lydia's place, and later sees her hand over a young girl, who she also calls Emma, to Madeline. Emma is taken to a building where being she indoctrinated into the Amazon ways with other young girls.

Based on Professor Morrison's information that the symbol is that of the Amazons, with some further research, conclude that Dean may have fathered Lydia's child Emma.

Emma finds Dean, telling him she is running away from the Amazons, but actually intending to kill him. When Dean hesitates, suggesting she could actually leave them, Sam arrives and shoots her.


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