Ellie Grant

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Name Eleanor "Ellie" Grant
Actor Allison Paige
Location Columbus, Ohio
Occupation Med Student
Episode(s) 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For


Ellie Grant is the great-great-grandniece of Adolf Hitler. She was adopted when she was very young and is originally from Wheaton, Illinois. Ellie was all-state cross-country four years. Trained to become a doctor, but took a sabbatical after seeing her first dead body. She cancelled her wedding after finding her fiancé was having sex with their caterer.


12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

Ellie enters her apartment, making out with her date Nick. She tells Nick, how she is nervous in between kissing him. She excuses herself to the bathroom, telling Nick to make a drink for himself. In the bathroom, she attempts to psych herself up, when Commandant Nauhaus and Christoph Nauhaus, break-in her front door and immolate Nick. Shocked at what she has seen, she locks herself in the bathroom and makes her escape from the window, cutting her leg on the window on the way out. As she makes her escape down the alley, Christoph breaks through and as he is about to shoot Ellie, his father stops him.

Ellie calls the police, which alerts Sam and Dean who pay a visit to the crime scene. As they are about to go and question Ellie, she is abducted by Christoph. However, Sam and Dean sees this and pursue him to a parking garage where they capture him and retrieve Ellie. The Winchesters take the two to an abandoned building where, Sam and Dean inform Ellie of what is going regarding the Thule Society and Christoph reveals that they want her to bring back Hitler, as he can only be resurrected through blood from his own relative. Ellie finding this news hard to believe, retreats to a supply closet, where Sam attempts to comfort her, to no avail. Dean enters and tells her she needs to stop freaking out, and proposes they use her as bait to take out the Thule. Before their plan could be implemented, the Thule arrive, as Sam and Dean fight them off. Ellie makes an escape through a window, but is quickly picked up by Commandant Nauhaus.

In the hangar, Ellie is strapped to a bed as her blood is being drained and transferred to Commandant Nauhaus, who tells her he will become the vessel for a resurrected Hitler, and only needed her for her blood. Once Hitler is resurrected, the Thule capture Sam and Dean, and as the Thule and Hitler address Sam and Dean, Ellie slips out of her binding and is able to shoot one of Thule in the head, allowing Dean to retrieve a gun and kill the rest, including Hitler.

Sam and Dean drive Ellie back to her home, as Sam walks her to her door, Ellie tells him she thinks she is going to be fine and agrees to go back to med school.