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Name Elle
Actor Kirsten Comerford
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Rowena)
Occupation Sex Worker
Episode(s) 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls


Elle is a woman who was forced into sex work by the demons Raul and Gerald.


10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Elle witnesses Rowena toss a hex bag to Raul, who begins to choke and vomit black goo, this causes Gerald to exit his meatsuit and escape. After the unpleasantness is done, Rowena invites Catlin and Elle to tag along.

Rowena takes Catlin and Elle to a fancy restaurant, where the two witness Rowena place a spell on the waiter who had asked them to leave the restaurant, and is now giving them perfect service. Catlin questions Rowena about how she did that, and Rowena explains to the girls that she is a witch; learning this Catlin asks Rowena to teach them and be their mentor, which Rowena gladly agrees too. When their waiter suddenly dies due to the magic Rowena performed, the three make a hasty escape.

Later at Rowena's hotel suite, she prepares Catlin and Elle's first test, giving them spells to perform on the hotel manager she believes is at the door. However it is soon revealed to be demons at the door, who take the three prisoner. The Winchesters arrive and kill the demons, and set their sights on Rowena, after urging from Elle to use magic to stop the Winchesters, Rowena performs an attack dog spell on Elle, to allow for her and Catlin's escape. Elle bends over with her head down and screams, and soon lifts up her head, revealing her red eyes and blood dripping from her nose. She snarls and punches Dean in the head and then attacks Sam, knocking both brothers to the floor; and allowing Rowena and Catlin to escape. As Sam tells Dean to go after the others, Elle advances towards Sam. Somehow Sam was able to trap Elle in a linen closet, who begins hitting the door with her hands and body, screaming to be let out. As Elle continues to try and break the door down, Sam draws his gun and aims it at the door. He waits several seconds and the banging stops. He opens the door and sees Elle, bleeding from her eyes and nose. Her skin is white and her eyes are open. She falls dead to the floor.