Eleanor Holmes

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Name Eleanor Holmes aka Betsy
Actor Patty McCormack
Location Boulder, Colorado
Episode(s) 8.03 Heartache


Betsy fell in love with the Mayan Inyo during his career as the boxer Kelly Duran. Betsy eventually became aware of Kelly's true identity as the Mayan sportsman Inyo and his deal with the Mayan god Cacao that granted him eternal youth and the cost of him having to eat two hearts a year, but loved him so much that she chose to ignore it.

As Betsy aged and reached her 40s, she began to pose as Brick's mother instead of his wife, calling herself Eleanor. Since the 1990s he posed as Brick Holmes who was a successful quarterback. Eventually Brick/Inyo's love for Eleanor became more important to him than his sporting prowess, and when he realized she would die and leave him alone, he drove his car off a bridge. However his organs ended up in eight different people, compelling them to continue the ritual sacrifices.


8.03 Heartache

After Sam and Dean learned that people who ended up with Brick's organs were ripping out people's hearts, they visited Eleanor for answers. Eleanor was evasive and eventually got rid of them, but they realized that she knew more than she was telling. Eleanor was then visited by Randa Moreno, the person who got Brick's heart who warned her not to tell anyone the truth. Later, Sam and Dean visited her again and confronted her with the truth. Tired of the lies and the life, Eleanor tells them everything and explains that if they kill Randa, the person with Brick's heart, it will truly be over. Dean manages to kill Randa and they return to inform a relieved Eleanor. Eleanor explains that she had half-believed that they would fail and Randa would come and kill her, but that either way it would finally be over for her.