Ed Singer

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Name Ed Singer
Actor Edward Foy
Dates  ???? − 1957 (killed by Bobby Singer)
Location Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Occupation Mechanic
Episode(s) 7.10 Death's Door


Bobby Singer's father. An abusive drunk, he was killed by Bobby as a child when his abuse of Bobby's mother became too extreme. He had such a significant influence on Bobby that his son never had children of his own out of fear of becoming the kind of father he had.


6.12 Like a Virgin

With Dean distressed about Sam who is still unconscious following the return of his soul, Bobby offers Dean a drink and says: "Like my daddy always said: 'just coz it kills your liver don't mean it ain't medicine.'"

7.06 Slash Fiction

After Chet the Leviathan turns into Bobby and accesses his memory, he says to Bobby: "A drunk like your daddy before you. Oh. You and Dad. Now, that's a can of scorpions."

7.10 Death's Door

As he lies in a coma, Bobby's subconscious works out that a possible way to recover is to access his darkest memories. He visits a memory of a family dinner, where his father Ed is seen to be a harsh and abusive man to his family. Bobby denies that this is his darkest memory. However in other memories he keeps glimpsing his young self. Eventually he returns to the memory of a family dinner, where a young Bobby accidentally spills a glass of milk. His father reacts violently, hitting his mother, before the confrontation becomes interactive as Ed confronts Bobby. Memory-Ed informs Bobby that he provoked his father's abuse for being ungrateful, but Bobby counters that kids are supposed to be ungrateful, with his father's attitude leaving him so scared of becoming him that Bobby never had children himself, but notes that he adopted two boys who became heroes. As the memory returns to the traditional flashback, young Bobby gets a rifle, and confronts his father, fatally shooting him. He buries his body behind the woodshed.


  • Ed Singer is reading a newspaper with an article concerning the Soviet Union's preparation for the launching of Sputnik 1 which occurred on October 4, 1957. This narrows down the date of death for Ed Singer, meaning Bobby was only seven years old when he killed his father to save his mother.