Dwight Charles

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Name Dwight Charles
Actor Bruce Blain
Location Houston, Texas
Occupation Bartender
Episode(s) 8.23 Sacrifice


Dwight Charles is a bartender at Doc Marley's Cocktails bar in Houston, Texas.


8.23 Sacrifice

In order to find a Cupid and steal their bow as part of the second angel trial, Castiel and Metatron begin to watch Dwight Charles. According to angel radio, he is next in line to be hit with Cupid's arrow.

When Castiel and Metatron are inside the bar, Dwight approaches them and asks if he can get them anything. Eager to hurry along the process in finding Cupid, Castiel asks Dwight if he's looking for a 'partner in crime' or 'someone who's into nurse role-play and light domination'. Dwight is bewildered by the questions and tells Cas that it's '10am on a Tuesday'. Metatron orders drinks in order to divert attention from Cas' awkward questioning, and Dwight heads off to get their order.

When angels appear in the bar to abduct Metatron, Dwight pulls out a shotgun and grazes one of them on the arm, warning them to take their business someplace else. The angel reappears behind him and slams his head into a beer cooler, rendering him unconscious.

The next day, a deliverywoman named Gail enters the bar with a supposed delivery as regular Rod is enjoying a beer. Dwight—who has recovered from his assault the day previous, but sports bandages on his face now—signs for the delivery and introduces Gail to Rod, telling her that he's "here most days". Unbeknownst to Rod and Dwight, Gail is actually a Cupid. She places her hand on both their shoulders—her bow is on her hand—and smiles before leaving.

Rod and Dwight begin watching the T.V. on the wall which features a man demonstrating how to use a bow. They both comment "Damn, that's sweet" at the same time before their eyes meet in a moment of realization that they're in love. Dwight flirtatiously tells Rod that his next drink is on him.