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Duck Nation

On August 15, 2011, Clif Kosterman (@bodyguard4jandj) tweeted that they wanted fans to send in rubber duckies to join Jared and Jensen in their pool. He asked that fans write their name and country on the ducks, and that the first duck from each continent would get a prize. Clif added that they would donate the ducks to different charities and then auction off some special ones that Jared and Jensen chose for charity as well.

The first ducks arrived within hours of the tweet, and pictures were tweeted by Clif. Within 3 days 198 ducks had arrived [3]. Within two weeks, over 2,700 ducks had arrived. In typical fandom fashion, ducks immediately appeared in many forms including a new Tumblr: Superducktural

Ducks flew in from Supernatural fans all over the globe- as Clif said "so world wide our pond is".

The mail-in ended on Sept 10, 2011. In total 5073 ducks were received source.

Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2011

Fans also brought ducks to Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2011 Convention. At the breakfast on Sunday, Jared explained that around the set because there were 1) various low hanging sets around 2) tall distracted people, they hang rubber ducks on things to remind people to "duck". They had decided they needed a few more ducks... and the rest is history.

Misha himself brought along a large inflatable duck which one fangirl spent four hours inflating. Misha and Sebastian then proceeded to have much fun with during their panels. On Sunday, Jensen took a knife and murdered it. Video of the massacre

See here for links to more pics and videos.

Members of Duck nation - pics from the Supernatural set

These are photos of the ducks after they arrived at the Supernatural Studios in Vancouver, mainly taken by Clif.

The first arrivals from Michelle and Krysten in Vancouver
The Duck collection at the end of Day One
More ducks arrive, the first US one is from Diane in Denver according to Clif
Bobby Singer gets ducky
Bodyguard Duck
Clif noted that many of the ducks kept floating upside down and speculated that "the Dean duck smuggled in some beer ad the others are too drunk to stay upright"
Johnny and the ducks on set
Clif with the ducks tweeted by a guest star
Citizens of Duck Nation
More ducks!
New ducks from Wendy, Kang and Chris
From South Africa
Evil Duck and minions on set
148 ducks now. All the way from Texas to Yellowknife
Ducks from Washington on set
@guynormanbee How cool is this!? Thank you @girlodiamonds for making the one and only "Bee-Duck" - I'm "down" with this fowl!
New VIP pool, we got 42 new ducks today from the UK.
Evil duckage
Sam and Dean duck with accessories from Quebec
Sam and Dean from Jaimee in Quebec. So badass
42 new ducks and a speed boat for cruizin the pond
The crew going crazy over duck nation
Our first UK duck , ironically a US Astronaut from 12 The Street it says , no other name
Some hippie dude by the duck pond
Clif watching over J and J from Jasper
Looking good
Kana is ducked out
198 ducks and counting
Our Royal Wedding Ducks from our trailer guy Jimmy
Vanda's from Australia
From Chen Lei in China
Crazy duck eyes a poppin , thx Chen Lei
Our first Aussie ducks. Thx Vanda and her friends
New ducks for #DuckNation
217 and counting
220 with the balloon ducks
230 thx to Linda for dropping them off and the chocolate macadamia nuts
From the girls from Germany, Chrissy and Charlotte thx guys
From Hungary
Ducks from Sweden England Denmark Scotland Finland
Very crowded pool 431 and more to come
Mummy and Horror duck, so scared
From Heather
Tiny but menacing devil ducks
Priestly Duck too cool
Some cow ducks and a bottle of duck bubble bath , oh so relaxing
Ninja duck attack team
Ducks, ducks, ducks
Cool Ducks
549 China, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan,Belgium , Scotland, England so world wide our pond is
Frontierland ducks by hythe.tumblr
1589 awesome ducks and still the con ducks to add
Some of the convention ducks
1821 total after adding all the con duck
Me and Jeannie with some Italian and Irish friends
Ewwww scary ducks
Elvis and The Blues Brothers. What a great concert that would have been
Mean Impala Duck
My Irish buddies
A very happy group
This so far is the crew favorite from Connie where abouts unknown. All hand painted fantastic job Note: duck is from tikityler9 on tumblr
So much duck pressure on my hood
Mozart Nothing else need be said
Very angry German soccer duck. Looks like he may have just gotten a red card
Very cool impala duck
Here's all the guys including Balthazar
1994 ducks so close today
Holy moundo ducks
2190 total. From USA Finland slovakia Belgium Leipzig Hungary around the world again
Muscial ducks
Interesting ducks source
Lotsa ducks
We've got a rock band! <= the Super Wiki ducks!
More Supernatural ducks
Ducks from Hell
An army of Supernatural duck characters
2194 ducks
Love the TV head
Bling duck
Wide assortment of Sueprnatural characters
Two pools and 2742 of the little duckers
Todays first delivery (1st September)
More ninja ducks
Big Momma duck
Pirate duck
All kinds of ducks
Look at all the ducks
Luke and Layer it says. Lol
Real 4 leaf clovers
Lots of Irish ducks
Many many ducks on my hood
Pretty painted ducks
Impala duck with Sam and Dean passengers
More Supernatural ducks
Djinn duck
These ducks have familiar names
Another Impala duck
3011 ducks so far total today but many more to open (7 Sept)
Some of our faves
Director Duck
Scary skeleton ducks
3227 now
3551 total for the day
Johnny putting the duckies to bed for the night, away from those thieving duck nappers
Brutus the Duck
Ackles and Padalecki ducks - a reference to the jersey's J2 wore at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby
4609 and rising
All kinds of ducks
Assorted characters
Bikini babes
Blue duck
Cute little ducks
Dallas and Guy Bee Duck
Ducks from South Dakota
Ducks from Pakistan
Ducks from Valencia
Ducks with hat
Evil ducks
Connie , her second in a series of fantastic painted ducks
Guess what, more ducks
I love Ernie
Impala duck
Jerk and bitch in the Impala
Love ducks
More ducks
Puppy, angel, pirate and more
Pretty cool
Rocker ducks
Royal Ducks
Tardis duck
very cool
Wide variety of ducks
Xmas candle
4724 total for the day
Xmas Duck
These ducks are having an identity crisis
Sherlock Holmes ducks
More Scottish ducks
My Bloody Valentine Ducks
misha ducks
Many many ducks
Little nerdy duck
I may have kept the duck on point for myself
Good ducks and evil ducks
Golfball duck and giraffe duck
Ducks with hair
Ducks in boats
Ducks with pretty eyes
Duck lineup
Duck and stuff
Doctor Duck
Count duckula
Cool painted ducks
Black and white duck
Big sailor duck
Winnie the Pooh Duck
West Virginia Duck
Army of tiny devil ducks
All the way from Thailand
4983 the new total

Rubber duckies. A photojournalistic essay... by Kim Rhodes

On the 2nd September, guest star Kim Rhodes posted a photo-essay on the ducks on her Twitter @kimrhodes4real. She ended by tweeting "I don't know what you've done, but it's epic."

Rubber duckies. A photojournalistic essay...
My friends of SPN, you'll be happy to hear the ducks are getting along well with each other, comfy and cozy...
A bit of racial tension has been resolved amicably.
And most ducks are maintaining orderly and becoming conduckt. Most...
A few started getting loose
Then they found the set
Some ducky DJ started some tunes...
Mayhem. Panduckmonium.
They started taking things that weren't theirs.
I finally had to shut it down. This bitch wanted my job!

Members of Duck Nation - pics from fans of ducks they've sent

These are photos fans took of their ducks before they were sent on their journey to Vancouver. You can see many of them after they arrived in the gallery above.

Cas sent by @wilmingtonabbie from Delaware
Procedural Cop Dean by @wilmingtonabbie from Delaware
Croatoan Zombie Devil Duckie from @redbirdspnin San Diego
Lucifer Duck from @scarletbee in NZ
Click to see the detail on this incredible Tompe l'oeil duck by tikityler9 [1]
Ducks from Barcelona from @AerynSG
Jensen Duckles & Jared Paddlelecki by @jillyrulz
Ducks from @dean&sammy
The Acca/Duckers are on their way from missyjack in Australia
@427_impala's Hunter Duckie and @alycejayne86's Djinn Duckie
Coach Dean and Naked Sam by @shari
Cas Duck by @sleepykiks
@Purupuru's ducks
Impala duck by peanut-mcnut
Duckstiel by nghtykttyksss [2]
Duck Army from Austria by wandala-b
Gabriel, reprising his role in Quacksa Erotica by scribbleddownname
Duckchesters by angelicfoodcake
From sofuckingprecious in Barcelona
Soccer duck by @angeleyenc
Ducks from @TerriDS
Ducks from @Hotpink3000
Metalliduck from @hstorrow
Flashing ducks from @Lexx9669
Ghost Duck from @ashleyeileen418
Quackstiel & his army of Lucky Duckies. The 3 special ones have real 4-leaf clovers. from @lightation
From @jzindel in NZ
Gothic duck from elena_siberia in Siberia
Glowing ducks by J2rules
Sam and Dean by imastripperandthelord
Bobby Duck from castielsvessel
Winchesterduck from buckelistthisbitch
Bat Duck by by bucketlistthisbitch
Duck from Taiwan by rustbeltrobot
Ducks from Hungary by scyllaya
@blondeweasel88 with Captain Quack Sparrow
Pirate duck from @AmyinSydney
Duck from @writer2day
Impala duck from @miraimay
Australian delegation from @zombiezahn
Super duck from @KLMonte
Bar wenches from @neytari
Devil duck from the set of a UK zombie movie from @Pinkwood
Demonic ducks by daniella-batsheva
Sam and Dean Duckles from angelicfoodcake
Moose and Tiger ducks from toxicuer
Castiel duck by if-you-know-what-i-mean
Reaper Duck by aliew
Djinn Duck by aliew
Supernatural ducks from @Lady_Angelus
From Diana in Germany a duck with with german beer and the Cologne football team 1. FC
An original rubber duck from Judy in New York
Toni-ann, Kristen and Laura's ducks from Staten Island, NY!
Ducks from Pía in Guatemala
Ducks from noiseteach in Russia
Ducks from @Brigitte0989
Dean in lederhosen and Crowley duck from @AmaliahHeir in Switzerland
Duck from @CherryMangue in France
Cas duck from @D3m0nGir1
First ducks to arrive from US, from Diane in Denver, currently in the VIP pool
More ducks from Diane in Denver
More ducks from Diane in Denver
Ducks from @HollyHamer_ @kadysn @theExtraCookie @emiko_89 @XioSeeYou and @antkat52
Astronaut duck from squeemonster
Dean duck from SPNDeanGirl67
Sammy duck from SPNDeanGirl67
these boys watched The Mighty Ducks one too many times...from @kreespa
Duck from LadyRoche
Pie Duck for Dean by peanut-mcnut
Ducks from lupinlove
King Crowley duck from dustoffandgetbackup
Ducks from Priya in Singapore
Castiel duck from @vannadear
Chuck the Duck from @Velvet_Rose
Duck from Ireland from @xLoz_91x
From Andi in North Carolina
Ducks from cookie6 from Queensland, Australia
Dean (sheriff), Sam (belt buckle), Bobby and Cas from Wendy
from @ Angelkim1304
Duckpala from Sue in Iowa
Glowing blue Djinn Duck from lady_eilthana in gernmany
Dutch Duck from Danielle
Dutch duck army from @DutchSPNfans
Duckpala by @mashimero
Impala duck by the hellhounds
O Death and Hunter ducks by ms brokenbrightside
Luke Pondwalker and Princess layer by @gizmolg13
Mr Irish duck and his two mini companions from @AerithQOC in Ireland
From Veronika aka jojothecr in the Czech Republic
Ed The Dead duck from Fay in England
Jensen Ducky from @semi_dean in Budapest
Jim duck from @smallanette in Hungary
Eleventh Doctor Duck from merthuristhevoice
Carry On Wayward Duck by hellomynameisdeath
Ducks from Maya from Bulgaria
Ducks from @AnnieSNielsen
Jared Duck from Hungary @monkeyJade1
Hungarian duck from @Katharina64
The Hungarian Ducks
Blue Steel Duck from @Anežka in the Czech Republic
Castiel Duck from @Anežka in the Czech Republic
Hunter Duck from Deborah in Atlanta
Dean Duckchester and the Zombie aduckcalypse from @KhakiGrrl
Duckies from Pam T. from New York City
Duckie from Melanie
Cowboy duck from Jocelyn and Paola
Jensen, Jared and Cliff duckies off to Supernatural land from Meghalee Austin, Texas/India
James Bond Duck from Chris
Ducks from @jennaharris2
J&J ducks from Orio from Japan
Ducks from @SPN_Sherry
Melenas and Jamoncito from @MariaHernandis
Ducks from Hollee from Dallas
Ducks from Jamie in England
Ducks from Caroline in New Zealand
Princess Duck and her bodyguards...Clyde and Seamore: AKA: Sam and Dean. From Karen and Marianna - Ohio
Mr. Duck in front either knows about demons or is a BIG Carver Edlund fan.~Brenna M. in Florida
Duckgirls from emilybz7
Danish Duck from @xoxo_Tina_xoxo
Duck and a shark from @figureofpeach
Witch duck from @entertainocd
Two hunters and a monster duck from @VEROBIAN1970 in Buenos Aries
Purple duckie from @22Cate in Surrey, England.
Ducks from @explain2me in Scotland
Sailor duck from @ChoyToy915
Ducks from @moonlitviolets
An army of ducks with Jester cat by @TipOffGraphics
Winterized Winchesters for #ducknation for those harsh Minnesota winters from @spring108
Bluesie duck from @BostonGirl0324
From Denise in Chicago. The four Duckmen: Death, War, Pestilence, Famine.
Ducks from @mcase1013
Ducks from @lenij07 in manila
Dutch duckies from Sanne & Lotte - The Netherlands
Cass Duck from @ocean165 in Japan
Dracula Duck from Monster Movie from Andii
Franconian X-Road Duck from sonnyu28
The AFLAC duck from Jensangel1 Vid of Clif and the duck
Duckie from @IBlongtoPyramus
My West Virginia Duck from uspoiledrotten2
Inspired by two of the season title credits by tv-tracker
Posse magnet duck by teddybear-doctors
Boys having a beer - by tikityler9
Crowley adn gabe ducks by sassygayangel
Cast of ducks by acklemaniac
‘Sam’s EMO music duck’ made by my sister Isabelle, a ‘shape shifter duck’ form our little cousin’s son Pauli and from ‘Dean’s burning poker duck’ made by Kersten
mary Winchester, Fluffy Angel, Bobby, Cowboy Dean and an Aussie Duck from by Susan & my mum Sheila
Duck with a radio and shows temperature from @PKtech in Sweden
Ducks from Mercedes in Ferrol, Spain
Santa duck from Teija in Finalnd
Duck from Laura in Finland
Ducks from Anniina and Noora in Finland
Ruby and Coach Dean Ducks from Laura and Sophie, German Supernatural fans
Decorated duckie from Ruby in Australia
Ducks from @Lin_Da74
Duck from Ukraine from Lizuza
an Army of jinn by fans of Supernatural , in Oman
Ducks by SPN fans in Oman
Dragon Duck by Pyro from Oman.