Dr Cara Roberts

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Name Dr. Cara Roberts
Actor Maite Schwartz
Location Bedford, Iowa
Occupation Doctor
Medical Examiner
Episode(s) 4.14 Sex and Violence


Dr. Roberts has moved to Bedford following the death of her husband Carl from a heart attack, and has lived there for two months. She is a doctor who fills in as a medical examiner in the small town.


4.14 Sex and Violence

Sam visits Dr. Roberts to get information on the autopsies on the victims. She tells Sam that the men had high levels of oxytocin in their blood, a hormone associated with being in love. When Dean arrives, he is disconcerted at the flirting between Sam and Dr. Roberts.

After they develop a theory about a siren and how to kill it, Sam and Dean visit Cara again with the intention of obtaining a blood sample taken from one of the men while he was still under the siren's spell. Dean leaves to divert an FBI agent - Nick Munroe - they encounter, while Sam goes to get the blood sample. Sam and Cara find the blood samples missing, and there are no clues on the security tapes as to the thief. Sam reveals a version of their theory to her, that the men were drugged. He and Cara share a drink and talk about relationships. Cara comes onto Sam, and he responds enthusiastically, even ignoring a call from Dean, and they make love in her office.

Later Sam calls Dean, who reveals that Nick Munroe found flowers (hyacinths) at the crime scenes, which Cara had in her office. He adds that he has found out that her ex-husband died of a heart attack. Dean accuses Cara of being the siren but Sam doesn't believe it. Dean guesses that Sam has slept with Cara, and takes him to task over it. He tells Sam he can't trust him, and that he'll handle the investigation on his own. Sam throws the phone away. Dean leaves a message for Bobby and then calls Nick for assistance.

Dean and Nick watch Cara arrive at a club. While waiting for her, Nick, who is the real siren, gets Dean under his spell. After the case is closed, Dean asks Sam if he wants to say goodbye to Cara, but Sam responds "What's the point?"