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Name Dr. Kadinsky
Actor Bill Dow
Location Northern Indiana State Hospital
Episode(s) 7.17 The Born-Again Identity


Dr. Kadinsky is a doctor at Northern Indiana State Hospital who treated Sam after his Lucifer hallucinations began to take a toll on his sanity.


7.17 The Born-Again Identity

After Sam is injured in a car accident, he is admitted to Northern Indiana State Hospital where Dr. Kadinsky diagnoses him as suffering from a psychotic episode. He tells Dean that they need to monitor Sam's condition to find out if the episode was caused by insomnia or is the insomnia is a symptom of the psychotic episode so they can properly treat him.

While Sam is sitting in his room, Dr. Kadinsky enters and questions him how he is feeling on a scale of one to ten. When Sam tells him three, Dr. Kadinsky remarks that his "ten must be astronomical" before telling him "the worst is knowing that there's always a new ten." When questions what he means, Dr. Kadinsky tells him of the "elegant torture" he has planned for him today before morphing in Lucifer.

After Sam and Marin deal with the ghost of her brother, Dr. Kadinsky examines Sam, who tells Sam that with the risk of overdose, medication may not be an option anymore and tells him a surgical fix may be in order. Assuring Sam he isn't talking about lobotomy, much to the Lucifer hallucination's chagrin. After Sam leaves the hospital and Castiel is admitted, after taking on his insanity. Dr. Kadinksy interviews and employs a new nurse -- Meg.