Donnie Finnerman

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Name Donnie Finnerman
Actor Demore Barnes
Dates September 2010 (possessed)
???? – 2011 (killed by Balthazar)
Occupation Mechanic
Episode(s) 5.03 Free to Be You and Me
6.03 The Third Man


Donnie Finnerman was a local mechanic in Waterville, Maine. He became Raphael's vessel during a riot involving demons near a Pump 'n Go that Donnie worked at. After resolving the situation, Raphael abandoned his vessel and returned to Heaven, leaving Donnie in a catatonic state.


5.03 Free to Be You and Me

Raphael inhabits Donnie Finnerman's body during a conflict with demons at a gas station in Maine, where he decimates the station's structure and destroys the demons there. After Raphael resolved the problem, he abandoned his vessel and returned to Heaven, leaving Donnie in catatonic state. He is escorted to St. Pete's Hospital where he is approached by Dean and Castiel. Castiel surrounds Donnie in a circle of holy fire and performs a summoning ritual, attempting to summon Raphael back to his vessel, but it is unsuccessful.

Raphael later re-inhabits Donnie's body and appears before Dean and Castiel at an abandoned house, where they trap him and interrogate him for God's location. After he continues to deny His whereabouts, they leave him there.

6.03 The Third Man

Raphael eventually manages to escape the circle and seeks out God's weapons (still using Donnie's body) with a group of angels known as the "traditionalists." He later locates Dean, Sam, and Castiel, where he approaches Castiel and attempts to kill him, but Balthazar intervenes and turns Raphael's vessel into a pillar of salt using Lot's Salt, forcing Raphael out of his vessel.