Don Richardson

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Name Don Richardson
Actor Paul Campbell
Location Kermit, Texas
Occupation Soldier, veteran of the War in Afghanistan
Episode(s) 8.09 Citizen Fang


Don and Amelia were together for a long time, when one day he enlisted in the army without telling her, simply saying he wanted to "do the right thing." Eight months before Sam meets Amelia, Don was reported dead in Afghanistan. Sometime after Sam and Amelia have moved in together, Amelia gets a call telling her Don is alive.


8.09 Citizen Fang

Flashbacks: After news that Don is alive, Sam struggles with what to do. He tells Amelia he thinks the right thing to do is step aside for Don to return, but that what he really wants to do is stay with her.

Don turns up at a bar where Sam is having a drink. He tells Sam that he understands that part of Amelia still loves him, but that she also loves Sam, and that ultimately the decision is hers and he will respect that. Sam returns home to tell Amelia he thinks he should leave.

Present: Sometime since he got back, Dean has changed Amelia's contact information in Sam's phone so that it corresponds with a burner phone Dean has. Dean uses the burner phone to send a distressed text message ostensibly from Amelia to Sam, so that Sam will drop the hunt for Benny. The trick works, and Sam drives to Kermit, Texas, only to find Amelia safe and sound at home with Don. Sam goes to a local bar and calls the phone number he has for Amelia in his phone. Dean answers and Sam lets him know he figured out what Dean did before hanging up angrily. Sam then turns around to see Amelia standing there. "I knew that was you," she says.