Dirk Winchell

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Name Dirk Winchell
Actor Aaron Paul Stewart
Location Salem, Ohio
Occupation Smash! Pow! Collectibles co-owner
Episode(s) 14.04 Mint Condition


Along with Samantha Juarez, Dirk Winchell is the co-owner of Smash! Pow! Collectibles in Salem, Ohio. Dirk is also an avid horror movie fan, with All Saints' Day and the character Hatchet Man being his favorites.


14.04 Mint Condition

Upon entering Smash! Pow! Collectibles, Dean remarks that Samantha Juarez is like Sam's "Wonder Twin". When Sam points to Dirk as Dean's double, Dean quickly denies they are anything alike. However, when Dean sees the life size figure of Hatchet Man, Dirk reveals his admiration for the horror character as well.

As Stuart Blake recuperates at the hospital, Dirk watches over his friend when his mother steps out for food. Dean soon arrives and the two begin talking about Stuart and their love of the All Saints' Day series, with All Saints' Day III being Dirk's favorite. The two continue to bond over their love of Hatchet Man, when Dean gets a call from Sam revealing that Dirk's former boss, Jordan MacNeel, is the ghost trying to kill Stuart. Dean puts Dirk and Stuart in a salt circle, telling Dirk not to leave the circle no matter what, while he goes hunting for Jordan's ghost.

When Jordan's presence in the hospital begins affecting the room, Dirk leaves the salt circle in fright and runs into the possessed Hatchet Man from the store confronting Stuart's mother. He berates Jordan for trying to kill his friend, causing Jordan to turn his attention to Dirk and begin stalking him through the hospital. Dirk eventually makes it to the morgue where he runs into Dean and Jordan. He briefly helps Dean in his fight, but is knocked away. With the arrival of Sam and Samantha, Jordan's tether is destroyed and he is put to rest. Dirk and Samantha are then assured Jordan is in a better place and nothing more will happen to Stuart.