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Name Richard "Dick" Roman
Actor James Patrick Stuart
Dates Dawn of time – 2012 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Purgatory
Occupation Leader of the Leviathans
Richard Roman Enterprises CEO (formerly)
Episode(s) 7.06 Slash Fiction
7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
7.10 Death's Door
7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
7.22 There Will Be Blood
7.23 Survival of the Fittest

I believe in good old American values, like unlimited growth. But it's like I always say -- if you want to win, then you got to be the shark. And a shark's got to eat.

– Dick Roman, 7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters


The human Dick Roman was a billionaire businessman and CEO of Richard Roman Enterprises. He was one of the 50 most powerful men in America before being taken over by the nameless leader of the Leviathans, who kept his name and continued to run RRE, where Dick Roman would rise to the top 35 and embarked on a ruthless corporate takeover agenda. He worked to turn humanity into the perfect, never-ending food source of his kind, planning to wipe out rival monsters along the way and battling the Winchesters who held a grudge against him as he killed Bobby Singer. Dick's plans nearly succeeded, but he was killed by Dean Winchester with the help of Castiel. Dick's essence was sent back to Purgatory, which also pulled Dean and Castiel with him, trapping the duo in Purgatory for a year.

Find out more about the man behind the image in a news feature titled "The Rise of Dick."


7.06 Slash Fiction

Roman receives a call from Agent Valente that Leviathan!Dean and Leviathan!Sam are dead and that the real Winchesters are gone. He suggest cloning them again, but Roman tells him no, that they can't have the brothers come back from the dead for a second time as not even the American media would buy that. He threatens Valente with "bibbing" if he fails again.

When Roman gets into his limo, he finds Crowley waiting for him. Crowley introduces himself and suggests that they should work together, but Roman is unimpressed by his offer. When Crowley points out that it was he who freed the Leviathans by opening the portal to Purgatory, Roman laughs and says that he isn't interested in working with demons. He considers them to be even lower than humans and even threatening to wipe out their entire species if he didn't have more important things to do, causing Crowley to teleport away.

7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Dick Roman arrives to review the experiment being conducted by Dr. Gaines, who has synthesized a food additive which he has put into the turducken sandwhiches. It is very addictive, and consumption leads to weight gain, and dampens people's emotional responses until they are very apathetic. After cooking, the tainted turducken will revert back to the grey goo state. However in 0.03% of cases, consumption results in "hyper-adrenalised cannibalism."

Dick gets a face full of borax.

Dick is not happy as the "failures" have made the papers as they've killed locals and holiday makers. More importantly, Dick points out, they've broken his golden rule - there's no such thing as monsters. As punishment he "bibs" Dr. Gaines - literally placing a plastic bib on him, and making him eat himself.

After Bobby is captured spying on the complex, Dick says he may keep Bobby alive, relying on Sam and Dean coming to rescue him. Which of course they do. In the ensuing fight Dick is sprayed with borax by Sam, but it has little effect on him. Dean pours the rest of his borax on to Dick so they could make a quick getaway. As Bobby jumps into the van that Dean and Sam are waiting in, Dick shoots at the van with one of bullets wounding Bobby in the head.

7.10 Death's Door

Dean finds Dick in his car outside the hospital where Bobby is fighting for his life. When Dean yells that Dick Roman is there, passers-by start taking pictures with their phones. Dean challenges him to kill him there, but also points out that - being famous - Dick can't kill him without drawing attention to the Leviathans, which Dick doesn't want. He just laughs, seemingly unconcerned by Dean's threats. Eventually, Dick's shot to Bobby's brain kills him merely hours later.

7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Dick Roman asks one of his IT staff Charlie Bradbury to decrypt Frank Devereaux's hard drive. After more than 24 hours of constant work, she manages to open the files on it. Frank's hard drive has the folders: The Feeb, Richard Roman Enterprises, Clones, Known Facts, Monsters, Unsolved Mysteries, March of Dimes, X-Files and two folders titled Misc. Research.

Charlie starts reading files describing the Leviathans, and their activities, including their connection to Dick. Concluding it all sounds crazy, she goes in search of her supervisor Pete, who has gone to the parking garage for a cigarette. Down there, Dick is telling Pete that Charlie is one of the few humans who is special, who can't be fully copied by the leviathans, whereas Pete can be. Charlie then watches as Tarrell, one of Roman's men, turns into Pete and eats him - vindicating all she read in Frank's files.

Later, Dick asks Charlie what she has found on the hard drive, unaware that she is working with the Winchesters and has just stolen his emails and wiped all info leading back to Sam and Dean from the hard drive. Dick is disappointed that there is no mention of the Winchesters on the hard drive. He began complimenting Charlie, questioning how she was able to break the unbreakable, and pointing out that even if he uploaded everything she knew into someone else, they still wouldn't be able to be her.

Dick Roman is restrained by Bobby.

Dick is then excited that a package he has been awaiting has arrived from the airport. However Charlie found information on the package - which has been transported through armored cars and private planes after it was recovered from one of Roman's archaeological digs in Iran - and alerted Sam and Dean, who switch the package for a case containing a borax bomb. Inside the case, the Winchesters find a slab of clay.

When Victor, Roman's minion, arrives with the switched package, Charlie tries to leave the building. The borax bomb explodes, disorienting Victor while leaving Dick unharmed as he puts the building on lock down. As Charlie tries to escape, Bobby is able to shatter the glass on the front doors by freezing it until the Winchesters leapt inside. He then launches a frenzied attack on Dick and Tarrell, breaking Charlie's arm in the process. Dick is unhurt and starts inviting the invisible assailant to show themselves, pointing out how much his attacks "tickled" as Charlie and the Winchesters fled. Angry at losing his prize, he swiftly eats Victor out of frustration, preferring not to waste a perfectly good meal.

7.22 There Will Be Blood

Dick continues to expand his plans, taking over a media spokesperson and having acquired SucroCorp, one of the leading manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup, which will help distribute his modified food additive designed to dull down and fatten up humanity to make them ready for eating. Labeled Vamptonite by Dean, it was also engineered to also kill other monsters that feed on humans almost immediately. Having kidnapped Kevin Tran he makes him translate the Word of God, by threatening his mother who Dick is holding captive at knifepoint. In the meantime, he sends Edgar to "drop in on an old friend", and while Linda Tran is freed, Dick holds Kevin captive.

Meanwhile, Crowley sends Sam and Dean after the Alpha Vampire to help in retrieving the three bloods of the fallen, although Dick has deceived the Alpha Vampire into believing they are allies since last Fall, feigning coexistence. Learning of Dick's deceit from Sam and Dean, who help dispatch Edgar, the Alpha Vampire offers his blood for the weapon they're assembling to kill him. Later, Dick summons and traps Crowley, whose blood is the final ingredient.

7.23 Survival of the Fittest

Dick and Crowley work out a deal: Crowley and his demons will be left alone by the leviathans and be given Canada in exchange for tricking the Winchesters by giving them another demon's blood instead of Crowley's (which they need for the bone to kill Leviathans). Crowley accepts the offer and he and Dick proceed to work out a very, very long contract.

Just in case Crowley betrays him, however, Dick orders Susan to fetch the severed arm of the real Richard Roman so other Leviathans can transform into him, making it hard for Sam and Dean to tell which leviathan is Dick. He then holds a meeting with some delegates, all of whom are fellow Leviathans, and explains his plan to take over the U.S. Dick also demonstrates that an additive he made kills humans with unfavorable characteristics, such as being thin, by using it on a young girl named Polly. Later, Dick is in the lab at SucroCorp while the Winchesters and Castiel sneak in to find him. Cas, as it turns out, can tell which Dick is which, since all of the Leviathans were once inside him. As Dick is drinking the poisoned creamer, Cas and Dean arrive to confront him, decapitating his scientist. Dick calmly confronts them, taunting Castiel over his role in the leviathans emergence on Earth and Dean about the leviathan-killing weapon he possesses. After Dean points out Crowley's untrustworthiness and that Castiel can tell he's really Dick, he smugly engages the two in battle. He throws Castiel into a wall when he attacks, but Dean stabs his chest with the bone to no effect. Overconfident and taunting, Dick asks if Dean really thought he could kill him that easily. Catching Dick off-guard, Castiel holds his head in place from behind while Dean stabs him through the neck with the real bone, telling Dick that they knew they had to catch him off-guard first. Dick roars in frustration, but slowly starts laughing as he began emitting pulses of energy before it gets absorbed back into his body, which explodes into a splattered puddle of black goo. However, when his soul goes back to Purgatory, Dean and Castiel get dragged along with him.

Dick gets "boned".
The death of Dick Roman.
Dick explodes after being stabbed with a bone of a righteous mortal soaked in the three bloods of the fallen.

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

It's revealed that after Dick was killed, Richard Roman Enterprises collapsed.

8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

At some point after Dick was killed, Charlie Bradbury learned of his death and the fall of Richard Roman Enterprises, so she felt safe enough to emerge from hiding and take on a new identity as she explains to Sam and Dean, figuring that with Dick gone, no one would be after her anymore. Charlie points out that LARPing sets her free, saying all she does in real life is work at a computer and chug coffee, but Dean points out that they never would've killed Dick Roman without her help, pointing out that she's a hero in real life. Later, when she gets kidnapped by a fairy, she nervously begins recapping her story with the leviathans before crying out about wanting her old life back, which Gilda wants as well.

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