Detective Pete Sheridan

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Name Detective Pete Sheridan
Actor Jason Gedrick
Dates  ???? – 2006 (killed by Detective Diana Ballard)
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation Police detective
Episode(s) 2.07 The Usual Suspects


Pete Sheridan is a detective on the Baltimore police department. Detective Diana Ballard is his partner, and the two have a personal relationship. When Sam and Dean are arrested in connection with the deaths of Tony and Karen Giles, Pete is anxious to have them put away for the murders. Sam and Dean on the other hand suspect a supernatural hand in the deaths. Sam escapes police custody, and teams with Diana after she sees the ghost of Claire Becker. They discover that Claire, Tony, and Karen were all killed by Pete to cover up his theft and sale of heroin. Pete takes Dean into the woods, intending to kill him, but is shot and killed by Detective Ballard.