Detective Charlene Penn

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Name Charlene Penn
Actor Kendall Cross
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Seattle, Washington
Occupation Amazon
Episode(s) 7.13 The Slice Girls


Charlene is an Amazon working as a detective in the Seattle Police Department.


7.13 The Slice Girls

In Seattle, the Amazons are breeding, leaving in their wake four dead men in two weeks with their hands and feet removed and an Amazonian symbol carved in their chest. Sam and Dean start investigating and meet Charlene Penn, the lead detective on the case.

However, Charlene is also an Amazon who informs Madeline — the leader of the Amazons — that the Winchesters are on their trail. Madeline orders the death of Sam, along with Dean. As Sam leaves a meeting with Professor Morrison, Detective Penn confronts and attacks him, but Sam kills her.