Deputy Phil Amici

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Name Phil Amici
Actor Tyler Mcclendon
Dates  ???? - 2008 (killed by Lilith)
Location Monument, Colorado
Occupation Deputy Sheriff
Episode(s) 3.12 Jus in Bello


Phil Amici was a sheriff's deputy in Monument, Colorado.


3.12 Jus in Bello

Phil is on duty when Victor Henriksen arrives with Sam and Dean Winchester in custody. When demons begin to lay siege on the sheriff's station, Phil helps to fight off the approaching horde. While keeping watch, Phil accidentally breaks a salt line protecting a window. This allows for Ruby to enter the station, who tells them the attack is being orchestrated by a demon named Lilith. When the Winchesters come up with a plan to allow all the demons into the building and perform a mass exorcism, Phil and Nancy Fitzgerald wait on the roof watching as demons run into the building. Once they are all in. Nancy and Phil place salt at all the doors and windows, trapping the demons inside while Sam and Dean exorcise them.

In the aftermath, a little girl enters the station looking for the Winchesters. When she tells Nancy her name is Lilith, they realize she is the demon Ruby warned them about. Phil is killed along with everyone else in the station.