Deputy Jan Harris

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Name Jan Harris
Actor Sonja Bennett
Location Hope Springs, Idaho
Occupation Deputy Sheriff
Episode(s) 11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley


Jan Harris is a deputy sheriff in Hope Springs, Idaho and was one of the first residents to became afflicted with the rabid infection after Amara unleashed her fog on the town.


Jan after succumbing to the rabid infection.

11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

After showing Sam the M.E. reports on the death of Wes Cooper. Deputy Harris is relieved of duty and heads home. Upon arriving, her husband notices a fog rolling in and asks her if it followed her in from town. Remembering that Sam had mentioned if she had noticed any strange fog, she tells her husband to go inside and calls into dispatch to ask about. As she is talking, her radio cuts out as the fog rolls through and collapses after breathing it in. Soon after she came to, Harris would take her shotgun from her car, enter her home and shoot her husband point blank in the face.

With Sam's help, the Sheriff's Department is able to begin tracking her vehicle, learning that she is coming straight for them. When Deputy Harris arrives, she is greeted by Sam and Dean and tells them she tried to kill herself, but Amara won't let her. She tells Dean she has a message from Amara for him, telling the Winchesters that her voice has been echoing in her head since she breathed in the fog and was forced to murder her husband. She tells them that Amara is showing the truth, that the "light was a lie," and as she raised her weapon she was quickly shot down by Sheriff Macready. With her dying words she delivers a message to Dean, telling him, "It will all be over soon. He's not gonna save them. It's all going away... forever. But not you, Dean."

After God clears Hope Springs or the fog and cures the residents of the rabid infection, Sam and Dean leave the station to find Deputy Harris having been resurrected along with her husband, whom she embraces.