Demon Minion

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Name Unknown
Actor Lee Shorten
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 10.21 Dark Dynasty
11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
11.22 We Happy Few

We could retake Hell, but why bother? The world's ending and this time Hell's ending with it. Unless you've got a plan to defeat the Darkness? Well, then this is just more of the same. King Crowley's bad dinner theatre.

– Demon Minion, 11.22 We Happy Few


The unnamed demon minion is one of the rare few demons to survive Crowley's wrath.


10.21 Dark Dynasty

Inside his throne room, Crowley is throwing darts at a man’s chest when two of his minions appear. The first minion tells Crowley that Rowena has gone missing. This news prompts Crowley to pick up an angel blade and kills the first minion. He then threatens the remaining minion, telling him not to return without news of his mother under penalty of death.

11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

After Crowley temporarily takes over the body of a woman named Marnie, killing her husband and neighbors after an orgy, Jervis and the unnamed minion arrive and bring him up to speed with how his original meatsuit is faring. Crowley notices the unnamed demon making a face, and tells him to speak up. The minion questions why, as Crowley had just barely escaped assassination and is on the run from the most powerful witch on earth, he didn't call them for help until after the orgy. Crowley apologizes for nothing.

After Crowley smokes back into his original meatsuit, Jervis and the minion tell him of the Darkness having been released and that screams could be heard emanating from Lucifer's Cage.

11.22 We Happy Few

Crowley makes an impassioned speech urging a group of demons to join him in taking back Hell. The unnamed minion speaks up, reminding the other demons he'd told them Crowley would make another empty promise to bring Hell back to its former glory. He then goes over how Crowley has ruled Hell, saying he was Rowena's "bitch" and then Dean Winchester's and Amara's and Lucifer's. The minion stands with the others as they exit Crowley's throne room, telling him they could help him retake Hell, but there would be no point as the world will soon be ending and Hell will follow. He turns to Crowley and asks if he has a plan to defeat the Darkness; when he gets no answer from him, he reiterates it is just more of the same from Crowley. Crowley then questions him -- if he felt that way, why did he show up? The minion simply replies that they just wanted to see "the monkey dance one last time," before exiting the throne room.