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Name Demian and Barnes
Actor Devin Ratray (Demian / "Dean")
Ernie Grunwald (Barnes / "Sam")
Occupation Demian is a photocopier repairman.
Barnes sells stereo equipment.
Episode(s) 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

In real life, he sells stereo equipment. I fix copiers. Our lives suck. But Sam and Dean. To wake up every morning and save the world. To have a brother who would die for you. Well, who wouldn't want that?

– Demian, 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters


Demian and Barnes met through an online Supernatural chat room, and are lovers.


5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

When real ghosts appear during a role playing game at the first Supernatural Convention, they at first think that Sam and Dean are part of the game. Later they help Sam and Dean defeat the ghosts - digging up the graves and salting and burning the corpses. While initially irritated that his life is a game to them, Dean respects their actions, and in the end Demian's insights into what make Sam and Dean's life meaningful, makes an impression on Dean.

Demian and Barnes in Fandom

Demian and Barnes are also the names of the moderators on the Supernatural forums at Television Without Pity

  • @LARPERDean - Demian Role Playing Account on Twitter
  • @LARPERSam - Barnes Role Playing Account on Twitter

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