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Name Delphine Seydoux
Actor Weronika Rosati
Dates  ???? - November 25, 1943 (killed by the Hand of God)
Occupation Woman of Letters
Episode(s) 11.14 The Vessel


Delphine Seydoux was a member of the Men of Letters, who was placed undercover as a mistress to a high ranking Nazi official in the SS during World War II.


11.14 The Vessel

In Nazi-Occupied France, Delphine meets with her Nazi "lover" Befehlsleiter Gumprecht. He allows Delphine a peek at the object he has come to retrieve -- the Hand of God. As Delphine gets a look at it, she confirms the Hand of God to be real. Delphine turns around, removing the pin from her hair and stabs him through the neck with it, telling him how much she is enjoying watching him die. She stabs him in the gut and gives him regards from the Men of Letters before taking the Hand of God and escaping.

Delphine absorbing the power from the Hand of God.

Clifford Henshaw was able to get an OSS member of the Men of Letters to requisition an active U.S. submarine -- the USS Bluefin -- to transport Delphine and the Hand of God to the United States. As Delphine is making the journey across the Atlantic, she is met by a time traveling Dean Winchester. As he tries to talk with her, he says her name, which causes Delphine to put a knife to his neck since no one on the ship knows her name. Dean comes clean to Delphine and the subs captain about being from the future, a member of the Men of Letters and that the ship will soon be sunk. While the captain dismisses Dean's claims, Delphine continues speaking with him and telling him of the warding she placed on the sub to protect the Hand of God from supernatural interference. Dean tells Delphine they will need to clear the warding to allow him to go back to 2016, he asks Delphine to give him the Hand of God, telling her he is fighting his own Biblical war in the future. Delphine agrees and begins breaking the sigils painted on the ship. However, the final one is carved on her chest, making the spell bound to her heart, meaning the only way to break it is to kill her. Dean, refuses, but Delphine insists its the only way. As Dean is about to drive the knife into Delphine, the ship is attacked by a German destroyer.

Dean, Delphine and Petey make it to the operations room, where Delphine is shocked to hear the voice of Befehlsleiter Gumprecht over the radio, who survived due to being a member of the Thule Society. Dumprecht offers Captain Deerborn a deal -- Delphine and the Hand of God for the highest of P.O.W. treatment for the Bluefin crew. Dean asks Delphine how he can use the Hand of God to save them. Delphine denies him, out of worry he will be killed and the Hand of God will just end up back in Nazi hands. She tells Dean they were meant to die and now, they will do it with purpose. Delphine takes the Hand of God into her hand and becomes imbued with its power, becoming bathed in a blinding white light that destroys the sigil on her chest, allowing Lucifer to retrieve Dean and the Hand of God, before the power took over the the sub and destroyed any trace of the USS Bluefin as well as blasting a hole in the German destroyer above them.