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Death in Supernatural book.jpg
Title Death in Supernatural
Medium Essays
Creator(s) Amanda Taylor and Susan Nylander (editors)
Publisher McFarland Publishing
Release Date February 26, 2019
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Death in Supernatural is a collection of essays, edited by Amanda Taylor and Susan Nylander, and with a forward by Julian Richings who played Death.

Table of Contents

1.Julian Richings: Foreword
2.Susan Nylander & Amanda Taylor: “Oh, Hello, Death!” An Introduction
American Traditions and Attitudes
3.Susan Nylander: Death, American Style: Americana and a Cultural History of Death
4.Rebecca Stone Gordon: Got Salt? Human Remains and Haunting in Supernatural
5.Sarah Elaine Neill, Ph.D.: A Familiar Soundscape: Existentialism, Winchester Exceptionalism, and the Evolution of Death in Supernatural Folklore and Mythology
6.Rebecca M. Lush: Blood, Death, and Demonic Germ-Warfare: Family and the Legend of Roanoke in Supernatural
7.Racheal Harris: Wheelin’ and Dealin’: Crossroads Mythology, Deal Making, and Death in Supernatural Resurrection
8.Jessica George: Death, Resurrection, and the Monstrous Evolution of the Winchesters
9.Erin Giannini: “When I Come Back, I’m Gonna Be Pissed”: Signaling narrative and character shifts through death in Supernatural When Women Die
10.Anastasia Salter: Dead Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo: Supernatural and the Disposable Other
11.Freddie Harris Ramsby: “I Prefer Ladies with More Experience”: Virgins, Whores, and Post-Feminine Death in Supernatural Grief and Grieving
12.Michail-Chrysovalantis Markodimitrakis: Dean’s Groundhog Day: Negotiating the Inevitability of Death via Supernatural
13.Amanda Taylor: “In My Time of Dying”: Lessons on Grief in Supernatural
14.Amanda Taylor & Susan Nylander: “That’s It? A Kansas Song?”-- A Conclusion (?)
15. Afterword by Lyn Zubernis.