Dean Winchester II

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Name Dean Winchester II
Actor Spencer Borgeson (Adult Dean)
Brady Droulis (Young Dean)
Beckham Skodje (Toddler Dean)
Episode(s) 15.20 Carry On


Dean Winchester II is the son of Sam Winchester and an unknown woman, and was named after his deceased uncle Dean Winchester. It is unknown if Dean was also a hunter like his father, however he did have an anti-possession tattoo suggesting Sam at least taught him of the supernatural.


15.20 Carry On

Sam and a toddler Dean walking through a park.

Some time after Dean's death, Sam met a women and became co-parents to a son, whom they named Dean. Dean was raised in a loving home, having the type of childhood that Sam and Dean never got to experience. Such as playing catch with his father and getting help with homework.

When Dean is an adult, Sam falls ill to an unknown sickness. At their home, surrounded by photos of his family, Sam laid on his deathbed as Dean appeared and comforted his father, telling him that it's okay for him to go, much like Sam had done for his brother years ago.