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On August 25, 20011, Deadline reported that Eric Kripke would write and executive produce a new series for the CW.

The series will be based on Deadman, a series by DC Comics books by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino. Deadman first appeared in 1967, and is most associated with the art of Neal Adams and the writing of Jack Miller who took over after a couple of issues from Drake and Infantino. Back in 2009 the series had been floated as a movie project produced by Guillermo del Toro Source

In the comics Deadman, aka Boston Brand, is the spirit of a murdered circus acrobat. he is transformed by the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna int a spirit who haunts Earth and possesses people to help them solve crises.

Kripke is a well known comics fans, citing The Sandman and Hellblazer as amongst influences on Supernatural. In 2011, it was also announced Kripke would write and direct the movie Haunted for Warner Brothers.

At the TCA Winter Press Tour 2012, CW boss Mark Pedowitz said the Deadman project was still in the works.Source.