Deacon Kaylor

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Name Deacon Kaylor
Actor Garwin Sanford
Location Little Rock, Arkansas
Occupation Prison warden
Episode(s) 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues


Deacon Kaylor is an old Marine buddy of John Winchester's. According to Dean, Deacon once saved John's life (presumably when they were in Vietnam together), and calls in the return of that favor by asking Sam and Dean to investigate the supernatural deaths in the Green River County Detention Center where he works as a prison warden. The fact that Deacon knows about the Winchesters' hunting habits suggests that he and John had contact after the war and Mary's death.


2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

An old war buddy of John Winchester and current prison warden, Deacon calls up Dean and asks for the boys to come check out a possible haunting as a return for an old favor. When the boys arrive not everything goes according to plan. The boys' first guess turns out to be wrong and with a short time left Dean is forced to turn to their public defender, Mara Daniels. At first she refuses, leading to Sam and Dean fighting over whether or not to leave without finishing the job. Deacon steps in and breaks up a their fight in order to give them the information and let them escape. Shortly after, Deacon is interrogated by Victor Henriksen but refuses to give the boys away.