David McNamara

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Name David McNamara
Actor Dan Gauthier
Episode(s) 2.16 Roadkill


Fifteen years ago, David and his wife Molly McNamara were driving along Highway 41 in Nevada when they hit and killed Jonah Greely. David survived the crash, but Molly died. When Sam and Dean learn about the Highyway 41 haunting they seek out information from David, who tells tham that Molly's body was cremated.


2.16 Roadkill

While driving to Lake Tahoe for their anniversary David and his Wife Molly get lost on Highway 41 in Nevada, While playing around with each other, Molly takes her eyes off the road for a second and accidentally hits and kills Jonah Greely, as well crashing the car. David survived the crash, but Molly died and become a ghost without realizing she is dead, and each year on the anniversary of his death, Molly frantically tries to find her husband while Jonah Greely tortures her. When Sam and Dean are able to put Jonah to rest, they take Molly to see David alive and remarried, which allows Molly to accept her death and move on.