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Name Daniela
Actor Farrah Aviva
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 13.07 War of the Worlds


Daniela is a witch who survived being abducted and tortured by Arthur Ketch, who was looking for information on Rowena.


13.07 War of the Worlds

As Sam and Dean are investigating the recent witch killings, they are approached by Daniela outside of a police department. She reveals to them she is a witch and says that she knows they don't like witches, but that they do help people in need. She takes them to a hidden cabin in the woods which other witches use as a safe house. There she reveals that she was a victim of the witch killer, revealing to them the scars he inflicted on her before she was able to make an escape. She says that the only thing the killer wanted was the location of Rowena. Dean shows her a photo of a bearded Arthur Ketch, who confirms he was her torturer. She tells the Winchesters they have to find him and that no one can know they were talking to her. Dean however, tells her they need to use her as bait to capture him.

Later that night, Daniela sits at the kitchen table playing solitaire when she begins hearing strange rattling noises on the roof of the cabin. A smoke grenade drops down the chimney and knocks her unconscious. After Ketch kicks the door in and opens fire with a machine gun, he is shot with a tranquilizer dart by Dean. With Ketch immobilized, Sam checks on Daniela, helping her up and out of the cabin.