Daniel Blake

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Daniel Blake.png
Name Daniel Blake
Actor Keith Martin Gordey
Location New Paltz, New York
Occupation Art Dealer
Episode(s) 1.19 Provenance


Daniel Blake is the father of Sarah Blake and the owner of an auction house in New Paltz, New York. When the painting haunted by the spirits of Isaiah and Melanie Merchant was taken out storage, he is the one who sold it to the Telescas and Evelyn, despite the previous murders.


1.19 Provenance

When Sam and Dean enter the auction house, posing as art dealers from Connors Limited, they catch the eye of Daniel Blake, who goes over to them and says that they are not on the list. Dean is less than respectful and asks him to check it again. While talking to Sarah Blake about the provenances of the haunted painting, Daniel says that he won't provide them and demands that they leave. Sarah says that he was being rude.

Sarah says that selling the painting again after the murders of the Telescas would be in bad taste, but he sells it to Evelyn for a huge sum of money, despite his daughter's warnings.

8.22 Clip Show

Sarah said that she was in Indianapolis to scout an estate sale for her father.