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The Crossroads is a podcast dedicated to the tv show - Supernatural.

"The Crossroads Podcast has been in production since 2007, with it’s first episode debuting on July 17th, 2007. The show was originally started by Tim, with help from the creator of The Starkville House of El Podcast. Tim hosted the show solo for the first 28 episodes, then introduced his first co-host, Dave, in episode 29. The Tim and Dave combination only lasted a few episodes, and several other podcast hosts served as guest co-hosts. In episode 38 a new co-host was introduced. Ty, who was hosting another podcast called Doomcast debuted and stayed on the show until becoming the official host. Tim decided to leave the podcast, with episode 62 being the final episode that he served as host. Ty introduced a new co-host, Stars, on episode 63, but the first episode she appeared on was episode 60. The two have served as host and co-host of the podcast since.

Notes: Sera Gamble, writer and executive producer for Supernatural at the time, now a producer, was interviewed on the podcast, and she appeared in episode 48. Tim & Ty each received a free copy of the book “In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural,” by publisher Ben Bella Books in order to review the book on the podcast. The review was done on episode 49. Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of several Supernatural tie-in novels was interviewed by the podcast, and he appeared on episode 64, and 102."

-- No longer active--