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The term crack is used to signify stories that are so strangely insane they can only be written and read under the influence of heavy drugs, i.e., you'd have to be on crack cocaine in order to think up things like this. Of course after being in fandom for a while, many of these ideas seem perfectly normal.

The relationship between fans and Crackfic, too, is one of a loving addiction.

'Crackfic' is less a genre of fanfiction and more a categorisation based on its premise. 'Crackfic' is fanfiction whose scenario is a marked departure from the reality of the original text (in this case, Supernatural).

Crackfic is a thriving genre in Supernatural fanfiction, arguably because of the permissibility of the canon, wherein these out-of-the-ordinary things happen as a matter of course.

This list was started in 2006, when fandom was small. Obviously the number of fics in these categories now is huge. To find more recent examples visit Rec Communities.

There are a number of cliche crack scenarios that make the rounds of any number of fandoms, such as Genderswap, Bodyswap, Animal Transformation, Sex pollen, etc.

A number of these scenarios have ended up as Canon - to find out which ones see Kripked

See also:



The stories linked here may contain sexually explicit material. Stories will provide specific warnings, ratings and disclaimers in their header, please take the responsibility of paying attention to those.

Notes on contributing:

The following fics are examples of the different crack genres. It is open for editing and additions, just:

  • follow the existing format
  • sort by first posted date, i.e. the date of first posting for the first chapter of a serial
  • link to the posters journal or website if possible, rather than a community post.

For the biggest link archive of Supernatural fic visit the Supernatural Fic Link Archive.

Body Swap

2006-01-16 / A Day In The Life by laminy

2006-02-20 / unnamed snippet by slytherinblack

2006-03-01 / Turn It Over and by monkiedude

2006-02-20 / porny outtake from 'Turn It Over And' by monkiedude

2006-03-01 / Flip It Back Over by ethrosdemon

2006-03-06 / This Bloody Road by trollprincess (character death, gen)

2006-04-27 / a little superstitious now by estrella30

2006-04-30 / give or take the subject or the verb by joyfulgirl41

2006-06-06 / porny 'Turn It Over And' snippet/outtake by monkiedude

2006-06-12 / Switched by mummyluvr

2006-08-15 / There's gotta be a punch line in here somewhere by lyra_wing

2006-10-17 / A Mile In Another's Shoes by flawedamythyst (Sam<=>little-girl, gen)

2007-05-21 / Like Father, Like Sons by jenowago (gen)

2007-06-16 / It Counts by lynne_mitchell

2007-08-11 / Palatine by setissma

2007-12-26 / Keep Our Minds on the Sum of Each Other by lazy_daze

2008-02-22 / All That's Left To Chart by ignited - J2 AU

Gender Swap

Gender Swap fics cover a wide range of situations. Most often a curse/supernatural being turns a character into the other gender temporarily. There are also fics where one of the chacrters was always a different gender - for example see Winsister fic. Finally, there are a few fics where a character is transgendered.

2005-11-27 / Man, I Feel Like A Woman by lyra_wing

2005-11-29 / That Old Slippery Slope by scribblinlenore

2005-12-06 / Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41

2006-01-13 / unfinished snippets of The Venus Way by goddessleila

2006-01-27 / porn scene from The Venus Way by goddessleila

2006-01-17 / Wayward Son (1/?) by slytherinblack (WIP)

2006-02-05 / The City of Angels (and Demons and Lawyers) by joyfulgirl41 (Angel/SPN crossover, with priestiform cameo)

2006-02-26 / Ecce Crucem Domini by unautremonde

2006-03-07 / How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me by ethrosdemon

2006-03-10 / Lost in Subtle Metaphor by princess-bunny (gen)

2006-03-19 / This Would Be A Good Time For Plan B by omgwtf42

2006-03-22 / Dancing Backward by janissa11 (WIP)

2006-04-04 / This One Time, In a Michelle Pfeiffer Movie... by trollprincess

2006-04-10 / ...And the Horse You Rode In On (interlude for 'This One Time...') by trollprincess

2006-04-10 / Sew Buttons on Ice Cream (See If They Stick) (interlude for 'This One Time...') by trollprincess

2006-04-17 / Keep Your Voice Down, Stupid (interlude for 'This One Time...') by trollprincess

2006-04-20 / The Road to Hell by SerenityChaos (WIP)

2006-05-08 / An Unexpected Twist by marie72

2006-05-14 / Boobs and Haircurlers by thisissirius

2006-06-12 / Bind But Till Sleep by olivia j.h.

2006-06-13 / The D Word by hopeful-fiction (Dean/fc's, crossover with The L Word - Rec!)

2006-06-13 / Ashes Ashes/We All Fall Down by spinnyroses

2006-06-17 / Couldn't Put Together Again by spinnyroses

2006-07-24 / Jill Came Tumbling After by Spinny Roses

2006-08-11 / When It Was Cold Outside by La Folle Allure

2006-08-16 / Immutable Law 1 2 3 4 5 by gekizetsu

2006-08-23 / Beyond All Recognition by olivia j.h.

2006-10-02 / Ready or Not by monkeyflower

2006-10-03 / A Change in the Water by Rosekay

2006-10-17 / The Other Side by Cherryscott (WIP)

2006-11-28 / Never Again by marie72 (alternative ending to An Unexpected Twist)

2006-12-30 / Earth Mother Pt 1 / Pt 2 (John/Dean) by Linda Atkinson

2006-12-19 / That Old White Magic by Lenore

2006-12-26 / Flood of Water by sevenfists

2007-01-20 / Lifts and Separates by uschickens

2007-02-01 / Hiding in Plain Sight by antiship

2007-02-12 / I Saw the Starry Skies, Painted the Earth in Gold by drvsilla

2007-02-25 / For A Limited Time Only by alizarin_nyc

2007-03-09 / Little White Flowers by onelittlesleep

2007-04-01 / But Lately I See Her Ribbons and Her Bows by notthequiettype

2007-04-02 / You Just Stand Still, Look Pretty by marishna

2007-04-10 / Hitting the High Notes by oxoniensis (gen)

2007-05-06 / Isochronism by minkmix

2007-05-12 / Thicker Than Water by valiant

2007-05-28 / Round and Round by mickeym

2007-05-11 / As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other by sweetestdrain

2007-06-02 / The Grass Isn't Always Greener Pt 1 pt 2 P3 Pt 4 by Linda Atkinson

2007-07-02 / Radical Feminism by setissma

2007-07-05 / Gender Studies by setissma

2007-07-26 / Girls Want to be With the Girls by immoralilly and unamaga

2007-10-01 / Continue As You Were by katjad

2007-10-22 / Res Gestae by dreamlittleyo

2009-01-04 / the perfect number – a fairytale by not_refined


Male-Pregnancy. For variations on this see Eggpreg See also:

2005-12-26 / unnamed snippet by ponderosa121

2006-02-12 / deliberately cracky snippet by ginalin

2006-02-21 / expecting by cathybites

2006-03-10 / What To Expect by onetimeoffer

2006-06-11 / Seeds of Vengeance Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / End by isolde13

2006-07-26 / Boy, One Day You’ll Be A Man by laminy

2006-07-26 / Look What Love Has Done by laminy (WIP)

2006-08-09 / Grandcars by derryderrydown (Metallicar/Truckzilla)

2006-11-06 / I Put a Spell on You (Because You're Mine) by estrella30 (also Wingfic)

2006-11-12 / Saturday's Child 1 2 /3/ 4A/4B/5 by Linda Atkinson (John/Dean)

2006-11-24 / Holiday Fluff Advent Style: Day One by scribblinlenore

2007-01-01 / Just a brass diamond ring by lyra_wing (Sam/Dean)

2007-02-18 / 5 Times Dean Winchester Did Not Get Knocked Up by ifyouweremine (implied OMCs/Dean)

2007-02-27 / The Plague Pt 1 / Pt 2 / Pt 3A / Pt 3B / Pt 4A/ Pt 4B/ Pt 5A/ Pt 5B / Pt 6A/ Pt 6B/ Pt 7/ Pt 8 / Pt 9A/ Pt 9B/ Pt 10 Pt 11A Pt 11B Pt 12A Pt 12B Pt 13A Pt 13B Pt 14A Pt 14B Pt 15A Pt 15B Pt 16A Pt 16B (Sam/Dean, John/Bobby) by Linda Atkinson

2007-04-22 / And They Don't Even Call The Next Morning by halfshellvenus (PG-13, GEN)

2007-05-08 / The Melon Strolling 'Verse by not_refined

2007-06-19 / The Killing Moon by poisontaster Sam/Dean, (25 part, complete)

2007-0731 / Cowboys and babies by kashmir1 (J2)

2007-10-27/ Shadow Land Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 AU John/Bobby; Sam/Dean by Linda Atkinson

2008-06-10 / The Seahorse by memphis86 (J2)

2009-05-13 / Heart of Stone by linda92595 (Dean/Castiel, gender swap and mpreg)

2012-10-21 / Babies in Arms by morrezela (Dean/Sam; arm-preg)

Cross Dressing

2005-12-26 / unnamed snippet by ponderosa121

2006-03-26 / go the other way by sevenfists

2006-05-01 / Good Girls Wear Hose by dodger_winslow (gen)

2006-05-30 / Losing a Bet by aracale

2006-05-11 / Halloween by angstslashhope

2006-09-21 / Seventy-Six Trombones Played Gloria Gayner by teand

2006-10-01 / Go The Other Way (The Liquor In The Front Remix) by trollprincess

2007-05-09 / A Nice Day To Start Again by blue soaring and ponderosa121 (gen with subtext)

2007-07-01 / Nothing at all but a brown school and a dead shopping mall by restless_jedi

2007-11-07 / Spirit of Franklin Porter by azraelz_angel

2008-04-01 / It's high time, just one crack at life by sin_of_pride

2009-08-28 / Under Wraps by nutkin

2009-08-30 / Blue by dragonspell

2000-10-05 / Those damn pink panties by andreath47

Time Travel

2006-08-08 / Annus Mirabilis by ellipsisblack

2006-08-13 / Sentio Aquilos Togatos Contra Me Conspirare by ellipsisblack

2006-09-25 / Walk Like an Egyptian by restless_jedi

2006-12-17 / Skinning Schrodinger's Cat by lyra_wing

2007 / Through the looking glass by sardonicsmiley

2007-04-17 / Secure the Blessing by rahmi

2007-09-28 / Strangers in Gilead by corvus_imbrifer

2008-04-29 / Who Knows What The Truth Is by chaosrosa

2009-03-02 / The Jerk, The Bitch, and the Wardrobe by rivers_bend

2009-07-08 / i've seen the future brother by kroki_refur


Fics where a character regresses in mental and or physical age due to a supernatural event. Less commonly includes the reverse i.e. a younger character rapidly aging.

2006-02-26 / Balance of Power part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 by mayatawi (WIP)

2006-04-01 / Under a Haystack by janissa11 (gen)

2006-04-14 / Innocent by mona1347 (gen, mental de-age)

2006-12-14 / The hands of time by rozzy07 (gen)

2007-10-11 / Walk like a man by hkath (gen)

2008-01-26 / Wasted on the young by katjad and memphis86 (J2, NC-17)

2009-07-24 / Bright, young thing, When the child was a child, the tree of life by olympia_m (Castiel is age regressed and becomes a plant)

2009-08-26 / A Different Kind of Youth by strange allure (Sam/Dean, R)

2009-13-09 / The Pictures of Time and Space are Rearranged by rivers_bend(NC-17)


People with wings, and the brothers who love them. Long before the angels appeared, fandom loved wings. For more recent fics that may feature wings, see Dean/Castiel

2006-03-01 / Becoming by Miss Meehan

2006-04-14 / Crystal Blue Persuasion by wrenscribbles (also curse!fic)

2006-04-15 / That Which Abides: After All of This by Maygra

2006-04-29 / In Miles, In Laughter, In Strife by lyra-wing (minor wing-content)

2006-05-24 / And we are here as on a darkling plain by lyra-wing

2006-06-10 / That Which Abides: Communion by Maygra

2006-06-25 / On What Wings by groaty

2006-09-26 / Equally Cursed and Blessed by Nymeria

2006-10-06 / Angels Without Wings Series by Spinny Roses

2006-10-08 / Three Point Landing by gekizetsu (Entire series here)

2006-10-28 / On Angel's Wings by mummyluvr (gen)

2006-10-13 / Beyond the Sight of Angels (Supernatural, wingfic,PG-13) 1/1 by Spinny Roses

2006-10-20 / Outside the Scent of Death (Supernatural, Dean/Sam, R) 1/1 by Spinny Roses

2006-11-11 / Angsy/Drama/General Wing!Fic, Dark Wings, R by lyra_wing

2006-11-30 / The weight of Dumah, for us to bear (R) by lyra_wing

2006-12-09 / WInchester Wings (S/D, Adult) by cattraine

2006-11-01 / If My Wings Should Fail Me by grammar_glamour

2006-11-06 / I Put a Spell on You (Because You're Mine) by estrella30 (also Wingfic)

2006-11-08 / Dead Men Tell Great Tales by Maygra (gen)

2006-11-16 / Four Wall Rule by gekizetsu (sequel to Three Point Landing)

2006-11-22 / With a wink and a smile by Nymeria (ficlet sequel to Equally Cursed and Blessed)

2006-11-25 / Reap the Wild Wind by Maygra (pre-slash)

2006-12-18 / unnamed comment porn by unamaga

2006-12-19 / Fine Line by annella

2006-12-19 / No Angel by zionsstarfish

2006-12-24 / In a Flap by darkhavens

2007-01-04 / Writing on the Wall by Maygra (slash - part of the Reaper Verse)

2007-01-07 / Pleading the Fifth by gekizetsu (sequel to Three Point Landing & Four Wall Rule)

2007-01-14 / Speaking in Tongues by Maygra (slash - part of the Reaper Verse)

2007-01-27 / The Dalliance of the Angels, adult by crazywritinfool

2007-02-04 / Animalia (R) by zionsstarfish

2007-02-17 / Forgetting To Fall by Kellifer_fic

2007-03-20 / Learning To Fly by Kellifer_fic

2007-04-04 / Coming Down Is the Hardest Thing (Dean, gen, PG) by theladyscribe

2007-04-25 / The Air In Between by Kellifer_fic

2007-06-07 / Angel (John/Ellen), wing!fic by starhawk2005

2007-07-03 / Feather Weight by kellifer_fic

2007-09-04 / Phoenix from the ashes by benitle

2007-12-30 / dreaming long grass and birds on the wire by oxoniensis

2007-01-09 / a lie the size of the sky by oxoniensis

2008-05-02 / The Rain in Spain by athenaps

Animal Transformation

When talking about Sam's Puppy Dog Eyes gets a little literal.

2006-03-15 / The Thing! by kbk (gen)

2006-05-21 / Brother’s Best Friend by Aro (gen)

2006-06-13 / Belling the Tiger by Juli (S/D)

2006-07-13 / To Everyone Who Thinks Sam Looks Like a Puppy: You Have No Fucking Idea, by Dean Winchester by moonythestrals (S/D)

2006-07-26 / Easy, Tiger by Dean and Sammy (WIP, gen)

2006-10-08 / Maw by kellifer_fic (gen)

2006-11-01 / Care and Feeding by fools_game (gen), sequel For Keeps (S/D)

2006-11-09 / Here Kitty, Kitty by DaniKitten (Cat-person, S/D)

2006-12-03 / The Magic of Christmas by unhobbityhobbit (gen)

2006-12-22 / Light of Day, Dark of Moon by Maygra (gen)

2007-01-09 / Mister Sparkles by ignipes (Dean/Unicorn!Sam, R)

2007-01-09 / Too Big for This World by krisomniac {Percheron!Dean, gen)

2007-01-09 / Stallion mentality by missyjack (pg-13)

2007-01-27 / Distraction by unhobbityhobbit (gen)

2007-3-15 / I can't quit you baby by xaara (cursed sheep)

2007-03-24 / 101 Dalmatians (or why Dean Winchester suddenly starts barking) by benitle

2007-03-28 / There Otter Be a Law by bone (gen)

2007-04-25 / Gods and Monsters by Silverkit (gen) (Sam!Cat, Dean!Cat)

2008-02-20 / The One Where Dean Turns Into a Talking Cat by ifyouweremine (gen)

2008-03-13 / Man's Best Friend by belyste J2

2008-03-19 / Glory Be (What a Sight to See) by kroki_refur (gen)

2008-04-24 / Hissy-fit by damerel (S/D, NC-17)

2008-06-23 / Of Unconventional Dealbreaking by rionaleonhart (Dean is a unicorn)

2008-07-25 / Everything I Know About Marine Biology I Learned from My Brother. by kroki-refur (Sam is various marine animals)

2008-11-09 / The Tale of Teenie Weenie Deanie by maychorian (Dean is a mouse)

2009-15-01 / Claw by ibroketuesday (Castiel has a crabclaw)

2009-08-03 / Trying To Find Some, Somewhere by elizah-jane (Dean!cat)

2009-09-01 / Something Primal by luchia13 (Castiel is a dinosaur)

2009-10-22 / Untitled by shaggysdogstail (Castiel is a kitten)

Tentacle fic

2011-07-24 / Attached by [janice-lester (Dean/Castiel)

2011-10-10 / Unnameable by kijikun (Sam/Gabriel)

2012-01-02 / Man-eating Alien Shapeshifters Can Fall In Love Too by tehdirtiestsock (Jared/Jensen)

2012-01-02 / Here be dragons by cherie_morte (Sam/Dean)

Werewolf fic

2006-05-18 / On the banks of the Tiber by angstslashhope (gen-ish S/D)

2006-05-22 / Three Ways the Winchesters Were Never Werewolves by angstslashhope (gen)

2006-06-29 / Field of Mars sequel to 'On the banks of the Tiber' by angstslashhope (gen)

2006-12-05 / Ex Luna Scientia by coffee_in_bed (John/Mary, Sam/Jess, Dean/Cassie, Sam/Dean)

2007-10-14 / The Werewolf 'Verse by kiraynn (Sam/Dean)

Vampire fic

2005-12-20 / Story 1, Five Things That Never Happened To Dean Winchester by lyra-wing

2006-01-27 / Venom Series by audrarose

2006-04-12 / The Kindest Cut by guede_mazaka

2007-06-26 / Share and Share Alike by silverkit

2006-04-21 / Last Rites by trollprincess

2006-04-23 / For Life by ashlesha17

2006-04-25 / One Step Ahead by pixel-0 (gen)

2006-04-24 / Bring Me to Life by acostilow

2006-05-08 / The Road Less Travelled sequel to 'Badlands by guede_mazaka

2006-08-03 / devil tips his hat by wheebubbles

2006-08-21 / Smirk by tigriswolf

2006-09-06 / Count the Months by albydarned

2006-09-15 / What a Brother Wouldn't Do by Kellifer_fic

2006-10-08 / Learned Behavior by Spinny Roses

2006-10-13 / A Thousand Ways by audrarose

2006-11-12 / The End by Kellifer_fic

2007-10-27 / Blood Moon Rising Pt 1/ Pt 2 / Pt 3 / Pt 4 by Linda Atkinson

Fourth Wall breaks

2005-11-13 / Death to Mary Sue by weesta

2006-03-02 / [2006-03-02 / LA story by frayen (Sam/Jensen)

2006-07-31 / Jared and Dean’s Adventures in Monster-killin’, Sam-retrievin’, and Sexual Confusion by ciaan (Jared/Dean, Jared/Jensen)

2006-11-22 / Let's make a deal by missyjack (demon!fangirls)

2007-07-24 / Thursdsy Night by oselle. Sam and Dean watch Superantural.

2009-12-03 / God is Television by eggblue

Defies Description

2005-01-05 / When Siblings E-attack by eighth-horizon (Gen)

2005-07-27 / Emails of a Fabric Softener Teddy Bear by Dean and Sammy

2006-06-20 / Drunk Sam Writes to Stephen King - Letter#1 Pet Sematary by gekizetsu (art & text). A continuing series where Sammy gets drunk and writes abusive letters to Stephen King. Check out all of them here.

2006-09-27 / 14 days, 12 hours, and 26 minutes after the fact (S/D Groundhog Day) by restless_jedi

2006-10-05 / Of Galleons and Ghosties (pirate CrackFic) by halfshellvenus

2006-10-25 / Tchaikovsky's Another One Bites The Dust by uschickens (John and YED knitting)

2006-11-06 / I Put a Spell on You (Because You're Mine) by estrella30 (also Wingfic, mpreg, tenactles and genderswap)

2006-11-22 / thy love which is forbidden by estrella30 (Sam/paddle boat)

2007-02-11 / His Life Became a Valentine (S/D post-IMTOD incorporeal sex) by restless_jedi

2007-02-12 / Man’s Best Friend by sarah_p (Dean has a LiveJournal)

2007-03-02 / Dean Winchester’s Big Bad Guide to Ass-Kicking, Demon Hunting, and More by ifyouweremine

2007-03-07 / Life is a Banquet (And Some Poor Suckers Are Starving To Death) by meadowmines

2007-04-03 / It Just Gets Harder When You Ask Why by spikess (Curtis from 2.15 Tall Tales/alien)

2007-04-08 / An Unusual Predicament of Utmost Import by ifyouweremine (Sam/Dean, Sam/teen!Dean, Sam/Dean/Sam, Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen)

2007-17-05 / Supernatural Charlie the Unicorn by mummyluvr

2007-08-04 / Bounce With Me! by Lynne_Mitchell (Pooh Character!Supernatural Cast)

2007-08-14 / Bobby Singer's Three Handy Tips for Surviving the Winchesters by deirdre_c (comic)

2007-04-14 / Rubby Ducky (You're The One) by impertinence (Dean is turned into a rubber duck)

2007-09-25 / Body & Soul featuring Eros!Dean and Psyche!Sam by memphis86

2007-10-17 / Holier Than Thou (Or: Why Evil Smells Like Pee) by gekizetsu

2007-10-29 / The Way Every Season Should Totally End by spikess (art & text)

2007-12-03 / Demon Jesus vs. Raptor Jesus by ifyouweremine

2007-12-23 / The Deal by sumthinlikhuman

2008-05-18 / No rest for the LOLcats by missyjack

2008-05-19 / just 'cause a radish can't scream by sgt_psycho (Sam is a radish)

2008-07-14 / Dimensions and Verticals by bellatemple

2008-07-28 / A Very Muppet Supernatural by missyjack

2009-04-01 / Firefox News April Fools Joke about Supernatural

2009-04-16 / The Very Secret Diary of Castiel, Angel of the Lord by pandarus

2009-05-19 / Invention of Love by landshark (metafic on Castiel fic cliches)

2009-08-16 / whammied! (a series of unfortunate events) by _mournthewicked (every RPS fic cliche ever!)

2009-09-18 / We were supposed to be together by maddonna001 (Jared and Jensen are Care Bears)

2009-02-02 / This Is the Start of a Beautiful Friendship by truelyesoteric (J2 turn into My Little Ponies)

2009-02-10 / Supernatural recap on Facebook by Micahel Jensen on After Elton

2009-11-09 / Fandom Wank report: the Book of Enoch by gigglingkat

2009-12-09 / Fate of female characters by

2010-04-29 / The demon in the tubes by ksock

Yak Fucking

2006-07-18 / Public Service Announcement by gekizetsu (fanart)

2006-07-23 / Untitled Fic?by gekizetsu

2006-07-25 / Animal Loversby ignipes

2006-07-25 / Of Noble Pursuitsby drvsilla

2006-07-27 / Were-yak by angstslashhope

2006-08-01 / Rent(-a-)Yak by angstslashhope

2006-08-02 / Never Again by missyjack

2007-12-28 / A Study on Yak Fuckers, Yak Fucking, and Hunting Yak Fuckers by the_brat_i_am

Impala Crack

2006-04-15 / Deus Ex machina and Beside the machiney, this by moveablehistory (Impala POV)

2006-07-02 / And then I danced another dance by spinnyroses (Supernatural, Dean/human!female!Impala, R)

2006-08-09 / Grandcars by derryderrydown (Metallicar/Truckzilla)

2006-11-02 / Will Hunt the Night and Chase the Road by onelittlesleep (Dean/Impala)

2007-03-10 / Chronicles of a Dark Steed by gekizetsu

2007-04-04 / Look what my baby can do by dramaphile (Gen, PG-13, Transformers xover)

2007-04-05 / Manual Overide by dramaphile (Sam/Dean, Transformers xover)

2007-07-15 / More than meets the eye by astolat (Sam/Dean/Impala, NC-17, xover with Transformers)

2007-08-12 / Get Your Motor Running by ze-pink-lady(Dean Winchester/Impala, Dean/Sam, NC-17)

2007-10-15 / The Love Bug carpreg, implied multi-generational incest. Written by katjad, phaballa, wendy, naus221 and notthequiettype for American Fic Idol at Wincon 07.

2007-11-29 / What to Expect When Your Impala's Expecting by epeeblade (PG-13, Impala/Original Male Car)

2007-12-04 / Drinking Gasoline (The Internal Combustion Engine Remix) by untrue-accounts (Dean/Impala = OTP, Dean/OFC, Sam/Impala, Sam/Dean, R)

2008-12-27 / Something is lost, something is found by mimblexwimble (Impala POV on Sam's grief)

2009-10-03 / I'm in an Impala by mediocrechick (In the tradition of "I'm On A Boat")


We've all read fic that made our brains ache, but that usually wasn't the author's original intention. bad!fic is a genre of purposefully horrific fic. These stories set out to assault the reader with horrendous pairings, clusters of cliches and general abuse of the language. You've been warned!

2007-10-15 / The Love Bug carpreg, implied multi-generational incest. Written for American Fic Idol at Wincon 07.

2007-10-15 / Leopard porn Sam/leopard!Dean. Written for American Fic Idol at Wincon 07.

2007-10-15 / Of Accidental Buttsex and Mary Sue J2, Jared/Mary, Jensen/Mary. Written for American Fic Idol at Wincon 07.