Corey Silver

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Name Corey Silver
Actor Barbara Kottmeier
Location Spencer, Iowa
Episode(s) 10.13 Halt & Catch Fire


Corey Silver is the widow of Andrew Silver.


10.13 Halt & Catch Fire

When investigating the deaths of college students in Spencer, Iowa, Sam and Dean notice the numbers '810' in a deleted instachat from the second victim's social media just before her murder. Under the impression that '810' might be an address, they narrow the addresses which include 810 in Spencer, Iowa to 3 homes. At 810 Downs Drive, the Winchesters notice a woman leaving the house to put some flowers left outside it into a trash bag.

Sam and Dean proceed to question the woman who turns out to be Corey Silver, wife of Andrew Silver who had died in that very spot 9 months previously in a car accident. They'd been newlyweds, and Corey finds the flowers difficult to look at as they remind her of her loss. Sam asks if she has noticed anything strange since her husband's death, but she seems confused by the question, and Sam drops it. Dean asks if she knows who's leaving the flowers and Corey tells him that it's a female college student with red hair—Sam and Dean deduce this to be Delilah Marian whom they'd spoken to previously about Julie's death.

Having worked out that Andrew's vengeful spirit is haunting the college students who caused his death by reckless driving, causing an electric wire to fall onto his car and set it ablaze, Sam and Dean rush to save Delilah's life as she was one of said college students. Sam heads to Corey's house and begins to give her the 'monsters-are-real' talk, but she interrupts and tells him she knows what he's there for. She explains that Andrew began to contact her online shortly after his death and she was thrilled to have her husband back, regardless of how. Then, she tells Sam she noticed that Andrew's behaviour had been changing lately and had been focused on getting revenge for his death by killing the college students who had caused it.

When Andrew is hunting Delilah and closing in on the kill, with Dean trying desperately to protect her, Sam videocalls Dean's phone and Delilah holds it up so that Corey can talk to Andrew's ghost. Corey pleads with her husband to let go and move on, that revenge is pointless because it won't bring him back. They say goodbye and Andrew's spirit moves on.

The next day, Delilah pays Corey a visit to apologise for not calling the emergency services the night Andrew died.