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At Conventions around the world, fans have their photo taken with the stars of Supernatural. Our fandom is particular lucky as our cast has proved itself ready and willing to take part of crazy antics. So much so that Creation Entertainment know has the following advisory on the photo-op pages for Supernatural conventions:

If you'd like a pose, you can tell it to the guests, but please make sure you have your pose ready to go. Bring a picture that shows the pose if you think you may have a hard time explaining it. If you have props, please make sure they are easily held and ready to go.
Due to time constraints, here are some of the things we cannot allow: putting on clothing, blankets, ties etc…, floor poses, handcuffs, rose petals, confetti or anything that creates a mess that requires clean up. Please do not asked to be picked up in the photo. We obviously do not want anyone to get hurt.

With his amazing creative and technical skill, as well as the care he takes in creating a great environment of both the guests and fan Chris Schmelke, the Creation photographer, is a large part of why these are such special experiences.

In the webseries Kings of Con episode 10 "Arlington, VA", Rich and Rob do multiple photo-ops with "Jaden" and "Justin" replicating (and parodying!) many of the op poses from conventions.

Here are examples of many of the popular poses from Supernatural Conventions:

All photos used with permission. Please do not repost.