Commandant Nauhaus

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Name Commandant Nauhaus
Actor Gil Darnell
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Columbus, Ohio
Occupation Thule Society
Vessel for Adolf Hitler
Episode(s) 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For


Commandant Nauhaus was one of the Thule High Command and a member of Adolf Hitler's inner circle.


12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

After tracking down the Nazi Pocket Watch containing Adolf Hitler's soul to Columbus, Ohio. Commandant Nauhaus finds it at the antique shop of Marvin Brickle, who was planning on selling the watch to a Mrs. Candy Lloyd, a collector of Nazi paraphernalia. Standing in the shadow, Nauhaus immolates the two and makes off with the watch.

The next night, Nauhaus and his son Christoph break into Ellie Grant's apartment and immolate her date, when they do not find her. Realizing she is in the bathroom, they soon break down the door. As she makes her escape down the alley, Christoph is about to shoot Ellie, but is stopped by his father who tells him they need her alive. And that with a little bit of her blood they would be able to track her.

After finally capturing Ellie, Nauhaus berates his son for being weak and telling the Winchesters about Hitler. When Christoph mocks him for wanting to relive his glory days with Hitler, but only tells his son that with world in such strife, it is need of a strong hand like Hitler's to guide the future. Once they arrive to the hangar, Nauhaus orders one of his men Fritz to shoot Christoph. However, Christoph is able to kill Fritz and make his escape to the Winchesters.

As Commandant Nauhaus gets a blood transfusion from Ellie, making his body suitable for becoming a vessel for Hitler's soul, he tells his men he is ready. The watch is placed on his body, where four mechanical legs pop out, driving their sharp ends in Nauhaus' flesh, carving a swastika before sinking into his body and cauterizing the wound, leaving a brand.


  • Commandant Nauhaus may be a reference to, if not meant to be the same person as Walter Nauhaus, the original leader of the Thule Society study group.