Colette (Ask Jeeves)

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Name Colette
Actor Pippa Mackie
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Olivia)
Location New Canaan, Connecticut
Episode(s) 10.06 Ask Jeeves


Colette was a maid for Bunny LaCroix.


10.06 Ask Jeeves

After the death of Bunny LaCroix, Phillip orders Colette and Olivia to prepare the mansion for the arriving guests. Specifically he has Colette go and pick out Bunny's funeral attire. Upstairs, Colette is putting together an outfit, when she decides to try on Bunny's pearl necklace. She is then shocked by the sudden appearance of her deceased employer, and begins backing out of the room, as "Bunny" rips the peral necklace from Colette, Colette is sent falling over the banister, and crashes through the glass table below, killing her.