Clive Dillon

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Name Clive Dillon
Michael Carter
Actor Duncan Fraser
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Charlie Bradbury)
Location Junction City, Kansas
Occupation Men of Letters (retired)
Episode(s) 10.11 There's No Place Like Home


Clive was a Man of Letters who at some point discovered the key to Oz. Clive used the Key to travel to Oz, but left the Key behind on Earth and was thus stranded in Oz. While there, Clive was kidnapped by an evil witches coven who used the Inner Key of Oz to split him into his good and dark sides. Clive's dark side slaughtered the witches and became power hungry, wanting rule of Oz for himself, eventually becoming known as the Wizard of Oz. Eventually Clive was rescued by fellow Man of Letters L. Frank Baum who rediscovered the Key and came for him, unintentionally leading to Baum's daughter Dorothy being trapped in Oz. Upon his return to Earth, Clive retired from the Men of Letters and was given a new identity as Michael Carter and a home in Junction City, Kansas.


Men of Letters file photo of Clive Dillion.

10.11 There's No Place Like Home

Due to his time in Oz, in which time moves differently Clive was still alive in 2014 despite being over 100-years-old when Sam Winchester and Charlie Bradbury tracked him down using the Men of Letters' files for help with repairing the key to Oz. Clive, after denying he was Clive Dillon at first, was unable to help fix the key as it could only be fixed in Oz and was convinced by Charlie, who had also been split into her good and dark sides, to explain what had happened to him. After learning that the Wizard was one of the new leaders of Oz with Dorothy Baum, Clive decided to help. Unable to travel to Oz because of the broken key, Clive suggested summoning the Wizard to Earth by Clive fatally shooting himself which would also affect the Wizard who would have to come and heal him to save them both. Clive shoots himself and as he predicted, the Wizard came, angry at Clive's actions. As the Wizard choked Sam, Clive tried to get a reluctant Charlie to shoot him again to stop the Wizard. With no other choice, Charlie finally agreed. Clive forgave Charlie and she shot him in the head, killing Clive and the Wizard of Oz. With the Wizard dead, Sam was able to reverse his spell on Charlie and Oz was finally safe from his tyranny.