Clark Barker

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Name Clark Barker
Actor Rob Raco
Location North Cove, Washington
Occupation Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats employee
Episode(s) 13.01 Lost and Found


Clark Barker is the son of Sheriff Christine Barker. An employee of Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats in North Cove, Washington, Clark was working and goofing off the morning newborn Jack wandered naked into the restaurant parking lot, looking for his "father."


13.01 Lost and Found

While goofing off at work, adding the word "butt" to all the items on the electronic menu, Clark and his coworker are shocked to see a naked Jack at the drive-thru, asking for his father. Clark's coworker prompts Clark to call his mother, Sheriff Christine Barker.

Clark joins his mother in bringing Jack back to the Sheriff's Department. While there, Jack's odd behavior has Clark believing that Jack is really, really stoned. When Jack tells him he isn't stoned, but rather hungry, Clark takes him to the break room in the station, where Jack displays an ability to manipulate the electricity, causing the food to fall out of the vending machines without money. After Jack displays this power for Sheriff Barker, he is hit with angel radio, and the voices cause him to lash out and knock Sheriff Barker unconscious. As Jack leaves, Clark checks on his mother.

After Sam and Dean arrive and subdue Jack, Clark steps outside for a smoke, when he is confronted by a trio of angels and taken hostage at blade point by Miriam. Hearing his screams for help, Dean and Sheriff Barker go to investigate. Dean tells Miriam to let Clark go, and Miriam agrees to do it if Sheriff Barker shoots Dean. When Miriam receives news that the other angels have found Jack, she stabs Clark in the abdomen. As Dean and Miriam fight, Clark's mother tends to his wound to stop the bleeding.

In the aftermath, Clark is wheeled away in an ambulance to get proper medical attention with his mother.