Clark Adams

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Clark Adams.jpg
Name Clark Adams
Actor Tom O'Brien
Dates  ???? - 2008 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Milan, Ohio
Occupation Crocotta
Phone company supervisor
Episode(s) 3.14 Long-Distance Call


Clark Adams is a crocotta who works as a phone company supervisor. He uses this job as a disguise to kill his victims.


3.14 Long-Distance Call

Sam and Dean encounter Clark Adams while investigating deaths related to unusual phone calls, where the callers claim to be spirits. One call is even from John Winchester to Dean. Clark is a phone company supervisor, and he takes them to tech Stewie Myers who helps them with a number. Research later shows that the calls are coming from a crocotta, and Sam suspects Stewie. He goes to the phone company basement and confronts Stewie, but is hit over the head by Clark. Clark, who is the corcotta, ties up Sam and Stewie, then kills and eats the tech's spirit. He makes another phone call to set a grieving father on Dean. He tries to kill Sam, but Sam gets loose and pushes him into a piece of metal protruding from a wall, killing Clark.

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