Cindy Cassity

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Cindy cassity.png
Name Cindy Cassity
Actor Tamara Braun
Occupation Music artist
Episode(s) 8.14 Trial and Error


Cindy Cassity is a member of the wealthy Cassity family after her family discovered oil in their land in 2013. According to Ellie she pursued a career in music where she had a single on a country chart until she started to create songs about holidays for dogs. Her relationship with her family seems to be the tense and strained with her not hesitating to reveal personal secrets to cause tension in the family.


8.14 Trial and Error

Cindy arrives at the farm to pay her respects to Alice after hearing the news that her sister's husband died. During dinner, she creates tension between the family members and herself when she criticizes her father marrying a gold digger and points out to Alice that their younger sister was caught having sexual intercourse with Carl in the barn. Margot goes on to explain that this happened before Carl and her got to know each other. Cindy then exclaims to Sam that her father and younger sister are about to go on a hunt.

After the death of Margot, Cindy and the others are restrained to the lounger room where the boys question if one of them had sold their soul to the demon named Crowley. She then argues with her father that he sold his soul because of his old age and his marriage with a young girl.

After Sam kills the hellhound, it is assumed that she was allowed to go.