Charlie (Bloody Mary)

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Name Charlie
Actor Marnette Patterson
Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 1.05 Bloody Mary


Charlie is a friend of Donna Shoemaker, whose boyfriend committed suicide after she left him.


1.05 Bloody Mary

When Sam and Dean approach Donna Shoemaker about the death of her father, Charlie attempts to cut them off, though Donna ends up allowing them to question her. When the Winchesters are snooping around the upstairs of the house, Charlie finds them and begins questioning who they are, as Donna's father worked alone, and the questions they were asking Donna were "weird." Sam then hands her a paper with his number on it, telling her to call if she or her friends notice anything weird. Later that night Charlie is talking with Jill about the Winchesters and whether Bloody Mary really did kill Steven Shoemaker, when Jill repeats "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror, and screams, tricking Jill into believing she was attacked before laughing and hanging up the phone.

The next day after finding out that Jill was mysteriously killed, Charlie seeks out the Winchesters and helps them get into Jill's bedroom to look for clues as to what killed her. When Charlie is confronted by Donna for letting the Winchesters into her home, Donna says “Bloody Mary” three times, while Charlie is in a science class she opens up her compact and sees Bloody Mary in the corner and screams. The class freaks out as she starts running around the room. She sees the reflection of Mary in the window of the door, picks up a stool, and throws it through the window, the teacher catches Charlie, and Charlie sees Mary in the reflection of the teacher's glasses, and screams for him to let her go, when he releases her she runs out the room.

After the ordeal in school, Charlie seeks out Sam and Dean for protection, as she fears Bloody Mary will kill her because she had a boyfriend who once threatened to kill himself if she left him. When she left, he committed suicide. Sam and Dean remove or cover all reflective surfaces in their motel room, where she waits while they destroy Mary.