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Name Channing Ngo
Actor Lissa Neptuno
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Crowley)
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental
8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin


Channing was Kevin Tran's girlfriend since high school. She had a brother called Trevor. After Kevin went missing for a year after escaping Crowley, Channing became enrolled at Centreville State College to major in science and business before she became possessed by a demon.


7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

Kevin is practicing the cello when he gets a call from Channing. Kevin freaks out about the SAT test he faces the next day and how important it is for him to get a perfect score so he can get into Princeton. Kevin and Channing then say goodnight and Kevin gets to work on his college admission essay. The next day, after Kevin doesn't show up for the test, Channing calls him and is freaked out by his responses and thinks that he has been kidnapped. She apparently calls the police and tells them what Kevin told her.

The demon possessed Channing communicates with Crowley.

8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

Channing is now in college in Michigan and while Kevin travels to her college while on the run, he doesn't go see her for some reason. Sam and Dean visit her while searching for Kevin and believe she may be hiding him and lying to them about it. However, Channing says she isn't lying and reveals that she only cared about Kevin because he was going to Princeton. After Sam and Dean leave, it is revealed that Channing is possessed by a demon as part of Crowley's search for Kevin and the demon kills Channing's roommate and uses a goblet of blood to contact Crowley and update him on what's happening.

After Sam and Dean kill the demons Crowley sends to attack them, he shows up with Channing and offers to let her go if Kevin surrenders. Dean points out that the real Channing is probably dead so Crowley lets her regain control for a moment to prove that she's not. Kevin quickly informs the scared and confused Channing of what is going on before Crowley has the demon retake control. Kevin pretends to agree, but instead lures the two demons to a backroom where he dumps holy water on them, burning them both and allowing him and the Winchesters to escape. Enraged, Crowley orders the demon to find another meatsuit and once he sees that Kevin can see what's going on, Crowley casually snaps Channing's neck with telekinesis, killing her and leaving Kevin devastated.