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Terminology, slang and catch phrases used in the Supernatural fandom. These are ones that have gained some currency, although many terms will be particular to a certain time in fandom history or a certain subculture.

For example, Sam inherited the nickname Cute!Dean, used on TWOP for Jared's role as Dean Forrester in the Gilmore Girls, where most fans originally knew him from. This term fell from usage around 2006, as people came to associate Jared with Sam Winchester.

Other terms like Metallicar which started on TWOP, became almost universal, and spread into the wider public and merchandising associated with the show as well.

We haven't included more general fannish terms, except where is it interesting to document their use in regards Supernatural, for example Shipping Wars.

Google is your friend when it comes to more general fannish terms. You will also find many at these glossaries:

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