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In an article on Spoiler TV on 4/10/2015 by blogger Oma Bin

Here’s my thoughts on this show: I think it has a super dedicated, loyal male audience that tends to stick with it regardless of where it moves. The female audience? That one seems to be much more casual driven. That is, in my opinion, why the show was able to spike so much when it was post Originals (it had the best of two worlds as it had its core male viewership watching and was able to retain a large part of the originals’ female audience) and why it disappointed last year post Flash (when the viewers its lead-in were giving it were the ones it was already going to get anyway). So I think that being post Arrow and against Empire really won’t do this any favors and a midseason move does seem likely, especially if the CW wants to avoid having Legends go up against Agents of Shield. Still, that damn loyal base audience of this show should continue to be there and to avoid anything dramatic from happening. Ties what it did post Arrow the first time around in this slot, after accounting for the league average decline.

The reaction to the Supernatural fandom - which has always been primarily the female viewers, was swift and merciless. The irony is that it has been this core female audience which has lead campaigns of support since the early seasons, have stuck with the show, and been the high profile engaged viewerships across social media and the platforms that pre-dated it. The CW since its inception has targetted a core 18-34 female audience.

Many fans, and women from the cast, tweeted using the hashtag #casualfemaleviewer demonstrating the many ways in which our viewership was committed and obsessive!