Carlos' Van

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Carlos' Van
Model Custom 1969/1972 Ford Econoline
Plates Kansas: 6705P[1][2]
Color Black
Owner(s) Carlos Cervantez
Appearance(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
1.02 Teach Your Children Well
1.03 You're Lost Little Girl
1.04 Masters of War

My whole life was in a van. My clothes, my records, my guitar. I lived life off-the-grid, free as a bird.

Carlos Cervantez, 1.04 Masters of War


Our first sighting of Carlos' Van is at the top of act three of 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters) with the introduction of Carlos Cervantez, when he drives it into a demon facing off against young John Winchester and Mary Campbell. It is the primary vehicle of the series, with the entire main cast often traveling in it together, and has so far been seen in every episode of Season 1.

The van is a custom-built Ford Econoline Van, with the grille of a 1969 model and the modified body of what is most likely a 1972 model. Modifications to the 1972 body include the addition of oval porthole windows on either side, the replacement of the left rear door (replaced with a window-less door), custom interior wood paneling, an aftermarket sun visor, the removal and/or covering of all Ford Econoline lettering, and the signature red, orange and yellow airbrushed stripe design.

In 1.04 Masters of War, Carlos shared that he lived in his van prior to his arrest and enlistment into the Navy, and it's assumed that he continued to live in it after his service. He keeps his clothing in the back of the van, as well as his record collection and various musical instruments,[3] including a guitar[1] and a Djembe bongo drum.[2]

The van's interior is heavily personalized by Carlos. Hanging over the rearview mirror is a pair of handcuffs, a wooden pentagram, a king of hearts playing card, and a scrap of fabric. The driver and passenger seats are fitted with white fur covers, and the front cab ceiling is upholstered with orange shag carpeting.[1] Multicolor painted bamboo bead curtains separate the front cab from the back area, where an orange beanbag chair can be found in place of traditional seating. The entire right wall and floor of the van is upholstered with orange shag carpeting identical to that of the front cab ceiling, while a Mexican blanket hangs covering the frontmost portion of the left wall. Macrame decorations can be seen hanging throughout the van, and a handful of stickers touting various locations Carlos likely has traveled are stuck around the van.[2]

The van is also outfitted to be the ideal rolling hunter arsenal. Different kinds of hooks and fastenings are attached to the wood paneling on the back end of the van walls and the inside of the rear doors, to hold an assortment of hunting tools and weapons, including wooden stakes, hunting knives, some sort of herbal wreath,[4] a pair of nunchucks, and a wooden baseball bat.[2] On the inside of the left rear door, a cow skull can be seen attached at the top, and a small fold-out desk surface is attached by two chains near the bottom. In 1.03 You're Lost Little Girl, a fabric tapestry with a pentagram printed on it can be found pinned to the ceiling of the back of the van.

In a leaked script draft for the Pilot episode, it was revealed Carlos' Van was originally meant to be a 1970 VW Bus.


The ‘68 grille of the van, 1.02 Teach Your Children Well.
Ada Monroe and Carlos Cervantez at the open back of the van, 1.03 You're Lost Little Girl.
A fabric tapestry with a pentagram printed on it, on the ceiling of the van, 1.03 You're Lost Little Girl.