Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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Cape Girardeau is located in southeastern Missouri between I-55 and the banks of the Mississippi River 100 miles south of St. Louis. The 'cape' of it's name was destroyed during the 1800's as railroads were being built. Episode 1.13 Route 666 is set here.

In Supernatural Canon

Hometown of Cassie Robinson and location of 1.13 Route 666. In the early 1960's a series of racial motivated murders occured in Cape Girardeau that were never solved involving a black truck. A little over forty years later the mysterious black truck reappears during the events of Route 666.

A local family, the Dorian family, held the majority of power in Cape Giradeau for a number of years. They were the wealthiest family in Cape Girardeau owning the majority of the town including the local paper. Cassie Robinson is now an employee of this paper where there was once a no blacks policy while under the ownership of the Dorian family.

The Dorian home was leveled by the mayor of Cape Girardeau in 2006 shortly after he purchased it. His decision to do so was met by protest by the community. It was one of the oldest homes left in the town.

Historic Information

  • French Trading post established in 1733 by Jean D. Girardot, a French soldier.
  • Trappers and river travelers named the area Cape Giradot.
  • First founded as a community on January 4, 1793 via a Spanish Land Grant given to Don Louis Lorimier.
  • Originally named Lorimont, but Cape Giradot had already gained acceptance.
  • It was later modified to Girardeau.
  • Platted February 3, 1806 upon donation of a tract of land by Don Louis Lorimier.
  • Incorporated as a town 1808.
  • Became a river boom town in 1835 due to the steamboat.
  • Occupied by Union forces during the Civil War.
  • General Ulysses S. Grant was headquartered in Cape Girardeau in 1863 for a short period of time.
  • Now known as [1] Southeast Missouri State University, a teaching university was est. in 1873.
  • Local newpaper is [2] 'Southeast Missourian'.
  • Map of [3] Cape Girardeau.

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