Camp Chitaqua

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Camp Chitaqua.

In 2014 - in the episode 5.04 The End - Dean, escaping the Croatoan virus zone that is Kansas City, goes looking for Bobby Singer, but finds his house deserted. In a hidden drawer, he finds Bobby's journal, in which he discovers a picture of Bobby, Castiel and a few other unknown people, decked out in survival and hunting gear at a place called Camp Chitaqua.

Dean goes looking for the camp shown in the picture, and finds the Impala rotting away. The camp is a haven for survivors of the Croatoan virus, and also a base for the operations of Future!Dean. Future!Castiel is also there, although minus his angelic powers he spends most of his time stoned. In contrast Future!Chuck is organised, and in charge of supplies.


  • In 12.02 Mamma Mia Mary finds in John's Journal the same one of the hunters at Camp Chitaqua from 5.04 The End. It's appearance here is curious given that Camp Chitaqua and the photo existed in a reality constructed by Zachariah. The photo does not exist in the "real world" unless Dean somehow brought it back with him.
Comparison of the Camp Chitaqua picture in 12.02 Mamma Mia (left) and 5.04 The End (right).